This is just a fun video that I decided to record 🙂 Hopefully you get some gift ideas or even some ideas concerning your face shape and which sunglasses might work for you to complement your face or enhance your facial features.

In this video I show 8 pairs of sunglasses that I purchased in the month of September (sorry for the little break in videos…I was moving, traveling, etc.). I am very excited to get back into the routine of making videos and I have some great videos coming up (the hair product video will be up this weekend).

I have been doing something very special and unique over the past several weeks, and I look forward to sharing it with you 🙂 Hint hint: inspiration 🙂

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Thank you so much for watching!! Leave comments and questions below and I will try my hardest to respond to everyone 🙂

I hope to have a video with Andre coming up in a week or two! He came to visit me and we spent a week traveling around and filming 😀

**Disclaimer: I purchased all of the items shown in this video. Not paid, promoted, sponsored, etc.


Kchay McGowan says:

Hehe the first pair kind of reminds me of that old dude from Despicable Me. XD

Alexander Aquarius says:

you look like Taylor Swift man!

The Sunglass Fix says:

go with angular shades for round faces, and round shades for angular faces! once you’ve got them, make them last longer with replacement lenses.

Iblal Razaq says:


Roxana says:

masculine shape???!…funny

Maximiliano SanchezCoria says:

Love your Tom Ford sglsses,

Lavishlyfat says:

Suck my cock faggot

Afam Nzulumike says:

Which model is the Bottega Veneta sunglasses (the first pair..)?

SiliconHillsBeats says:

The first pair u look like an old person who just got their eyes dilated lol

Niklez7 says:

why does this guy reminds me so much of disco euro trash artist with all of his glasses 

Goji75 says:

ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy

Carson Varney says:

Great haul! Interesting nose


U serious ??? Dude with nose job!!!! :O u look pretty do

Hamzeh Ghandour says:

i smell a bit of plastic surgery 

Tony Tseng says:

look good hey what is the model of the armani sunglasses? thanks

Marco Maldonado says:

whats your job

RumbleRish says:

Holy crap where did you get the money to buy all this

Brad dope Hawthorne says:

I love all your glasses !!!!

Danny Huang says:

the left side of your mouth is kinda weird…

Maxa Million says:

u could have went more higher in designers. so basic

Noa Baak says:

My advice: get to it already, save personality talk.

Noval Auliady says:

i bet you had a nose job 

tony22990 says:

dude u put more make up than my girlfriend…

lex goudsmit says:

where do i buy those giorgo Armani’s does anyone know

finn191275 says:

from my photo would you know best shape for me please? thanks

Marco Perfetti says:

three minutes in and still no sunglasses

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