Sticker shock: Why are glasses so expensive?

One factor: the world’s largest eyewear company, the Italian firm Luxottica, controls a big chunk of the business. Lesley Stahl reports.


Tbessix220 says:

That’s why i bought a pair of RayBans for $5 today and they look fantastic! Kiss my ass LuxotiShit.

edgar j. Garcia says:

is all about money makers, not about the customers reason. almost everything came from other country. is just bussines. if the customers think an American was made those sunglasses they buy it. they are all stupid.

Zoheb Bilal says:

That is fucking monopoly thanks to china for breaking it tho!

fabio peretta says:

Bausch & Lomb ,Returns please.

Michael King says:

they say Italians are the closest related to Jews

Jeffrey Wong says:


Jack theripper says:

anyone who pays for the name brand is everything that’s wrong with this world. materialistic and most likely very vain. its all about the no name brands and saving money.

Kev Flu says:

that ceo is the new john d rockefeller

Diamond Smile says:

Expensive cheap sunglasses for all the idiots to buy lol

Roswell Crash says:

Americans slagging off a company for buying everything out and dominating the market despite this being the tactics of almost all Americas top businesses throughout the world.


Rick Steigers says:

Ask him if the Mafia own him? Arrogant twat!


Thank you reporter Lesley Stahl to inform about reality.

Tbessix220 says:

That Ceo is one evil Motherfuc*er…

impala racing says:

I just paid around 800$ for 2 pair of rx glasses at vision work. if Wal-Mart could do the same quality of frame&lenses like the other top stores I would gladly buy from Wal-Mart but today there’s a big difference between a lacoste brand and the best brand from Wal-Mart even the lenses are lower quality

Pedro Sales says:

“They understood it was better for them to work with us” is something like: We made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. 🙂

Ross Collins says:

The whole world parasites off the U.S market

Jon Ultime says:

“Do you expect me to talk?”
“No, Mr. Bond! I expect you to pay $450 for these Chanel frames.”

Richard Nguyen says:

This guy is sure do a monopoly company

PaiNExoTiC says:

This makes me want to only get CUSTOM glasses now. So I can get the best of my money and know what materials are going into my glasses and not have to pay ridiculously high prices.

Jason Nostro says:

I can’t believe this is really news to people. This company has owned all the name brands and all the stores forever. So now the morons that spent $300 on their pair of sunglasses that are worth about 20 I hope they feel like shit


I got sticker shock after not buying prescription glasses for a ?decade? or longer. Just walked out of the store. Walked into a Warby Parker (who I’d never heard of before) in the mall. Saw a price I liked and purchased. It’s called freedom of choice. Freedom of choice still exists.

BigDoggTheDon says:

I was gonna get ray bans but now hell no, i`m not gonna give these assholes my money

Om Handa says:

Actually, he’s wrong when he says that people don’t change the way they think when they find out their glasses are made by luxottica.

chas766 says:

the ceo is a fkg genius but what you don’t see is luxotticca making shitty glasses. and buying stores is genius too…nothing is stopping a usa company from mfg glasses and competing

Majoe_47 _47 says:

Well I do not have options like everyone else, my eyes need moded glasses which cost minimumly 50-60€ so why should I not pay “some” euros more and get a RayBan? In my opinion not a bad thing but I’m also mad at Luxaurica for putting the price up just because they “revolutioned” the design, this argument is totally shit if ur asking me

Mafia Cod says:

2:13 Above all? Lmfao whats that about?

Game Guides says:

I’d never heard of Luxxotica

Jeffrey Wong says:

I like his way of thinking

David Saxton says:

someone needs to wipe that shit eating grin off that smug fucks face

O says:

The Italian guy seems so sneaky. He sounds like the evil guy from the Minions movie lol

Dave's Chew Review dot Guide says:

Glad I bought my Ray Bans before they went out of business because I have lenses that are made of glass and strong frames. Not the play on words for plastic by calling them poly carbon lenses. Today we get junk for high prices. And as usual we fall for it. As all Titanic’s, Luxottica will eventually sink by a company that can make them for a lot less. We just have to be patient and trust in our friends from China !

Fulton Sheen says:

Need to fit your face for 15 hours? That’s why it’s expensive? Shit why doesn’t my underwear cost $300 a pair? I wear them longer than my glasses.

Kitty says:

I wish this segment was longer. Bet there is a ton of other interesting info on this subject that we could learn.

Jimmy A says:

Don’t be fooled, only a portion of the production is made in Italy, the test is China…I took me days to find a pair of Italian Ray-Bans, all the ones I kept finding were Chinese, by Luxottica…

Skullfuxxor says:

That CEO is a slimeball.

Dulce Primavera says:

Very arrogant CEO, but his own-high-confindant in himself is what really scares the $hit

maximus10463 says:

CEO’s all over the world are full of shit

Robert Decker says:

“these are expensive because people need them to function in everyday life. So we can charge them a shit ton of money”

The Matt says:

those glasses look a tad small on his big fat head…money-sucking prick.

Asiful Islam says:

Every thing is worth ! for what people are ready to pay !

Anna Pennington says:

I am happy with my Zenni glasses LOL

Mark Jr. says:

Corporations getting over on us, false illusion of choice! If the company is own by Italians than it’s not an American company!

Saira Gie says:

That interviewer was good.

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