The Best Men’s Sunglasses For Your Face Shape – Men’s Essential Accessories – Aviators, Wayfarers – for how to find your face shape and the best designer and budget friendly sunglasses for your face shape. – for the reference at the end.

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Retardi Mies says:

Luxottica owns all big brands…
The brand doesnt matter
dark plastic and metal frame cost
100-500 euros

Ryan Williams says:

Can you give some advice on what should be in my wardrobe as someone who works from home? Yes i have a couple meetings per week but most of my time is spent at home at my desk… Thank you.

Ar D says:

Would these recommendations also apply to eyeglasses?

Waldemar Putain says:

I realize there are no Clubmasters in the recommendations. What are your thoughts on those?

Let's RANT says:

My face is round and I can still wear an aviator

kevin osborne says:

Love your channel!

V. Torch Napeñas says:

Great video! I learned a lot.

PyroJoe117 says:

Do you think the difference between matte black and shiny black frames is important or a matter of personal preference.

Adrian Garcia says:

What about, like, spectacles?

Christopher Tomines says:

wow i have oval addicted to all your videos


what do you think about Ray Ban clubmasters? Say in Gold/Brown? I was thinking about going for a pair of them (I have an oval face shape)

josh reviews GOLF says:

what about Societe Cartier sunglasses,thoughts?

SurflessCharlie says:

Hi Ashley, your videos have been extremely helpful in getting my wardrobe sorted out. This video (and blog post) got me wondering if you know of any good alternatives to tortoise? Personally I love the pattern itself, but unfortunately it does not quite work for me. I believe the semi-transparent nature of tortoise frames does not go well with my complexion. Solid browns seem to do the trick, but I was not quite sure if I should skip the tortoise option altogether. Thank you!

Jordan Bell says:

Hello Ashley, I was just curious which tom ford sunglasses you showed in this video for oval faces? I’m not sure if you mentioned the name of them, I may have missed it.

Kaleb Chesnic says:

Great video!
Just a side note for anyone looking into gradient lenses:it is totally possible to have a polarized gradient lens. It is difficult to do, but higher end glasses (Maui Jim, Persol, Oliver People’s) will have them.

Amien Phillips says:

I’ve been struggling to figure out my face shape for quite some time now even with all the explanations on how to do to so. Came across this tool/link from Sunglass hut that detects your face shape from uploaded photos – Thought it would be helpful for someone else struggling too:|FACE SHAPE

Siddhartha Khanna says:

Great videos! Can you do one on men’s boots?

Matthew Velge says:

Don’t real like some of advice but still great presentation of your content

Honda Game says:

thanks ashley! im learning a lot. i’ve been watching your channel and i’ve been getting more compliments at work and school by taking your advice.

Jthymesthree says:

You have a picture of Adam Levine wearing some wayfarers while talking about oval face shapes. Face shapes have always confused me a little bit because an oval has no angles in it but he obviously has a very angular jawline. So is Adam Levine’s face considered to be an oval shape and not a square shape? I thought having a very angular jawline meant that you have a square face. The reason I asked about this specific picture is because I have a very similar head shape and jawline. Honestly I find the whole face shape thing to be a little too generalized to really help. Am I missing something?

John Wick says:

Athletic essentials should be your next project 🙂

MDE E says:

Learning soo much from you!

Style By Hector says:

Great Video Ashley! That is true 2-3 or even 4 pairs is really all you need, I own 2 pairs at the moment but both of high quality one pair is actually those Tom Fords you showed first and i love them.

Zachary Silk says:

Just a note of Ray Ban aviators. Even with the right size the nose pads may slip down. If recommend taking them to an optician to sort them out.

jayce jones says:

Hey I have a heart face and you didn’t even touch on that

Alexoxo onxo says:

Round face with aviators. Sorry love I’d have to disagree with that. I have a round face and i definitely look terrible in aviators especially the teardrop. The squarer versions of aviators like rayban caravans are better but wayfarers and also clubmaster style can really help your face out. And i mean this as a guy with a natural round face not a overweight guy with chubby face. I’m reasonably thin but teardrops are a no go. And round frames don’t get me started.

Bilal Sandeela says:

I have an ovel face. However, my face is on the thin side. Which brands make frames that are aren’t as wide?

Darren Zouzounis says:

Your thoughts on the new Wayfarer sunglasses?

Ardent Dfender says:

An Awesome Big Thumbs up to this Sunglasses post.

thejasonbischoff says:

Who wears suits anymore??? Not me – praise God Almighty!

Gilbert Cisneros says:

wait what happened to the heart face one

Thump Musician says:

what sunglasses are at 6:34 ?

Matthew Maldari says:

It took me about 3 hours to go through every pair of sunglasses lol in my case my face is oval but my head is small. It’s extremely hard to find a decent pair that doesn’t take over. I liked how you showed pictures that went with what you were saying! And I look forward to your ending quotes haha

John Parc says:

So sunglasseses should color match with your belt, watch and shoes?

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