The Watch Cabin – Emporio Armani Watch Unboxing

Wonderful example of a Christmas present which won’t break the bank.

Visit: for more information and various designer watches.

My model: Emporio Armani AR6088 Men’s Tazio Chronograph Watch



Jnxzify says:

Finally something affordably 🙂 for everyone

ACoolBoi says:

Why most rich kids are GAY lol

MrNikkertti says:

When i see somebody wearing a flashy brand watch “what a deuce”

Mark Kortum says:

Disappointing sell-out.

mark rosales says:

I like that

BigMansCheez says:

Check thehoxtontrend vids

nic makris says:

Hey man, love your stuff
Do you recommend buying the black gucci hat? I’m thinking of getting it

Monsieur X says:

beautiful watch !

ST3 says:

Hi Ash, I’ve been a fan of your channel for nearly two years, and this is the first time I disagree with you. I love Armani as a fashion brand having bought various clothing items over the years, as well as two watches. My view is their watches do not have the same quality as their clothing at all. To me they are cheap quartz watches that just have the Armani name on the dial, and are not worthy of the brand. I’m lucky enough to own three Rolex watches these days, but I also have some affordable watches from Seiko, and think they make the best quality affordable watches with both quartz and automatic movements. They are a very well respected Japanese brand, I have gifted many of their watches over the years, and recommend them to everybody at that price point.

M Hussy says:

What model is the watch you wearing yourself in this video?

kingvizza says:

Shit video
Doesn’t show the watch till 5 mins in

Sahil Sharma says:

name of music at start?

Sam Pearce says:

Please change the music at the beginning

Bart D. says:

nice watch!

Lorena Espinoza says:

Dear Ashley, I love your unboxing videos but just wanted to let you know that they are quite difficult to watch. The video quality is not there. There is this lense noise and the focus goes on and off making it difficult to see the items properly. Maybe a new camera for Christmas? xx

Sucharith Battina says:

Good Boy.

Harry Christoforou says:

Ash… Has this become a watch that you wear?

Riley 0 says:

First like 😀

Divyam Goyal says:

Do a shoe collection video!

Sean Seaton says:

I like the tie, where did you get it from:)?

Terrance Bates says:

Very nice Ash !!!! Try Invicta Ash just check it out.

Kirk Broyles says:

Armani watches are nice but they are fashion watch quality. Not as good as proper watch company’s but still really nice. Great unboxing video.

Hesen Ismayilov says:

neciyedi saat?

BigMansCheez says:

Get some Dsquared2 in

Nono says:

I love your unpacking i want more with watches if you like thanks

Polar Roller says:

Is it gold plate?

Marco Canfora says:


HatsNSlimShades says:

What’s the intro song

Wassil Vasilev says:

What size is this watch actually? How can you know if it fits?

Gary Barlow says:


TuBeast says:

Ash you are so amazing I love youu !!

Theprogamer Boy says:

Ash: this card is really important
Ash’s action with the card : “throws it” (—— time: 4:00

Mr Thomas says:

Its a nice idea for people who can’t afford a real watch makers watch but I feel designers like this never provide the same sort of quality in their watches as in their clothes :/

Savage Potato says:

i love your unboxing vids!

Ahmed Raza says:

is this swiss watch, they also make swiss watches

Timothy Henderon says:

I don’t mind the camera good cameras are quite heavy. And I think the unboxings look like that cause it is late and dark and cameras tend to like natural light.

Xanthi K says:

Ash would you consider doing vlogmas? 🙂

C Hin says:

How come you disabled the comments on the review? I think this watch is nice but will you really wear it when you have Rolys?

CuddlyJay says:

I think this will be the next watch I pick up, looks fantastic!

Johanna Heinonen says:

Why not buy a new camera next? Nice watch.

Naeem Patel says:

That tie is gorgeous

Daniel Hammond says:

Lovely watch. Very reasonable price.

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