Carrera Endurance Sunglasses Unboxing

This is just the unboxing of the sunglasses… the review is to come later. Thanks. Comment, like and sub….oh yeah!


I Don't Care says:

I have always felt that Carerras were the ugly European knockoff of the Aviator. :/

Delc0 says:

@rangerocks68 haha for sure…..too excited lol.

Delc0 says:

@rudakidarkudaki1 Slovenia

Delc0 says:

@taeyeung007 Amazon

Delc0 says:

@failobjects I’m pretty sure all the Carrera sunglasses use the same technology, it’s just how they’re framed and personal preference on how they look and fit. I love these!

gus051 says:

y u no put them on 🙁

Димка Одесса says:

no Carrera store around where I live. But I aint risking buying without trying em on me first.

aycy10 says:

wat site u order from?

Delc0 says:

@mrfmrfmrfltltlt ya saw that as well. Went with white this time but I definitely need some black stealth/celebrity shades lol. My cousin say hey it’s Kanye West in the building when I walked in for x-mas lunch lol. With my Oakley Inmates my co-worker asked if Tom Cruise was here. Both very funny comments that made my day.

none none says:

fail pocket knife :O

Delc0 says:

@admx94 haha you know aviators are just a style/shape of the glasses right? Aviators big frame were meant for air craft pilots….but ya your right on the possible same style design but I love em 😉

MartinasM says:

Nice saw usher has one of em when i’ll have spare 100$ gona buy one as usher’s 😉

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