3 Styles of Eyeglasses – Tag Heuer, Dior, Oliver Peoples

In this video i showcase my 3 Eyeglasses Frames that i use frequently and are the ones that have a permanent place in my optics collection. they are different yet they compliment each other and create a trio that can be used for any occasion. If u like the video hit the like button and subscribe for more… xoxo.


Akshay Malkani says:

Can you tell me the model number of those Dior glasses please !!??

Rukh VinZzz says:

From where you buy it..give me The link

D See says:

Nice frames! I love glasses too. My favorite is Oliver Peoples. Thanks for showing your collection.

ryvr madduck says:

I didn’t know TAG Heuer makes eyeglasses. Maybe they make better glasses than watches. Sorry, I don’t like TAG watches although the glasses DO look good. The Dior look of the design I used to wear in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s, but yours have a more timeless style. Whereas mine look dated (I still have them but only wear them when I run) the Dior are very stylish.

Elaine O'brien says:

You must be psychic, I couldn’t decide between the Felice or Chanel WOC and you did a review on them, I now need to choose some glasses and here is your review. Thank you x

Nahid Khan says:

Enjoyed watching this. 🙂

Rukh VinZzz says:

Link for Tag Heur GLASSES plz I wana buy it

Panerai Atheart says:

I tried the Tom Ford 5401 and liked them a lot. Persol 3128 aren’t bad either. Thoughts?

Naughty internet person says:

You’re right about the Oliver Peoples, your IQ went up by like 50 when you put them on haha. Those Dior frames really suited you well mate 😉

Maximilian Fessl says:

Very nice video!
I personally think every pair you showed us suit you very well! 🙂

I for myself have a pair of the ‘Boss 0737 K8E 145’ glasses. I wear them daily and I absolutely love them 🙂

newmoon320 says:

Fantastic face furniture you have! I love how handsome Dior looks on you. -E

Donald Evans says:

You have a stunning collection.

ST says:

Dude, that last pair looks so good! I want a pair!

Hayder Sarfraz says:

From where can I buy the Tag Heuers?

Panerai Atheart says:

Oliver Peoples Riley have a bridge of 20mm !!!
I was going to purchase a Tom Ford frame this weekend but their bridges are relatively narrow.
I have a broad nose but I hate nose pads so I will definitely try OP Riley out.
I hope they available in a Toronto Canada.

Edgar Dominguez says:

You look great

Daniel Hammond says:

It was great that you put the funniest part at the end of this video! You are keeping us on our toes!

Stanleydragonjr says:

As a wearer of eyeglasses ,this was a perfect video for me,I always liked the way Dior fit me..

Cortez says:

I like the Oliver Peoples Tortoise frames the best. I’m just not fond of the oval shape – too nerdy.

Dim Mih says:

Like these specs and very informative review! I might need glasses soon as I notice my eyes get tired quickly.

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