Hope you enjoyed watching my designer sunglasses collection!

The models I can’t locate but love are:

Alexander McQueen sunglasses similar styles:

Ann-Sofie Back similar styles:
(so hard to find similar. But I have these too and I LOVE them!)

Saint Laurent sunglasses:

Balenciaga sunglasses:

Saint Laurent aviator:
other colors

Elizabeth and James Fairfax:

Valley eyewear, other styles:

Illesteva sunglasses:

Westward leaning:

Elizabeth and James:
other styles, http://revr.at/Gq

Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses:
similar http://revr.at/Bq

Stella McCartney sunglasses:
similar http://revr.at/Hq

Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses:

Marc Jacobs sunglasses:

Thierry Lasry sunglasses:
other colors


Elizabeth Gotseva says:

I love your channel so much! I follow you on Insta!

cortez says:

Did you buy them or did you have a man buy them? I can’t imagine you working (labor) for your sunglasses. Sorry, but it’s the energy you exude.

Caroline Smith says:

Oh I HATE those dripping ones – you are way too classy!!

Eileen Mei says:

just found your channel and am obsessed. My favorite pair is the saint laurent aviator and can I ask what color are th lenses or model #? I love how dark the lenses are and am looking for a pair like this for so long. Thanks

Monica G. says:

Love the glasses!

Elizabeth Gotseva says:

Can you make a video about your bags hall! And do you have LV Never full bag? If do please make a video about it! I am thinking to buy it but I am from a country where there is no shop Lv,so from where do you suggest to buy it. thank you. 🙂

ASMRdeMAR says:

The dripping ones are so cool!

Saswathy Nikhil says:

The collection is to die for. The background music is much loud. Thanks

Amy Elizabeth says:

Take the St. Laurent’s back to the store. They will probably be able to fix them or at least switch out the arms! Great collection!

Simplybrandy03 says:

They should be able to fix them.

Priyanka Elffrost says:

Was checking Celine sunglasses, and randomly found your channel. Are you from Sweden? 🙂

Ps. You are stunning!

Tnisha Carter says:

The 1st Elizabeth and James pair are gorgeous and look great on you

Juelma Fernandez says:

Hello Johanna! You are so inspiring, I absolutely love your personality, style and how true you seen to be. Please make lookbook videos, I would love to see your ootd in video.
Kiss from Portugal!

IAMSAM says:

u can repair you’re Saint Laurent glasses

Arlin Marmol says:

First I want to say that I love your style! I just ordered a pair of Super Flat Top sunglasses from Retrosuperfuture.com and I want to make sure I ordered the right size for my face. Since you have them I was hoping you could share whether yours are the regular or large size… Thanks ♥

ab c says:

should sunglasses not cover the eyebrows?

Natalia Maree says:

OMG love the dripping sunnies!

Keayanna Davis says:

yas i love justine skye’s song bandit!

The Sunglass Fix says:

I’m in complete awe right now! Your sunglass collection’s so great that I can’t pick a sunglass pair which is not suited for you! Too bad that one pair has got one of its arms broken. Anyways, at the event you might need new lenses in the future, feel free to visit TheSunglassFix! We’re offering top quality replacement sunglass lenses at reasonable costs!

LBlush says:

OMG, yes you do look like victoria beckman with the glasses on! you look prettier, of course. It is your nose and face shape! Thanks for sharing!

Zach Heard says:

Where did you buy the broken ones?
I know sunglass hut is always helpful if your glasses ever break or something goes wrong with them. You should just try going back and see what happens! or you could e-mail the brands customer service with attached pictures and explain. If your paying that much for glasses they should last you for years, right ? might as well try.

Loved this video. I just recently started working in sunglasses so it was a good video to familiarize myself with some different styles & brands. so Thanks 🙂 you got a new subscriber, Johanna !

Have a good day !

Talitha Harlos says:

where is your outfit from? I love it!

Maria St. John says:

My saint laurent sunglasses broke too like that and I just took the handle and the glasses to an optometrist office and they found a screw to match, put it back together and didnt even charge anything so very very easy to fix!

CamillaH64 says:

Where is your top/jumpsuit from?

Mali Elle says:

Love your collection!!❤️

Margot Vandenberg says:

Music was super fuckin annoying couldn’t even finish the video

Chanel Faye says:

Omg my Michael Kors sunglasses broke like that too but it’s metal .. how can u fix it ? I would love to know I tried glue but it came off right away

Stephanie Sandler says:

Just got the elizabeth and James sunnies from the realreal for 50 bucks! Look for these on secondhand shops guys!

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