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Has any one picked a winner for your bag

ThePampered PinUp says:

No shop on 5th can beat Dior for customer service. So friendly! If your girl isn’t there go see Eugene. He’s fab.

Cassandra Wilson says:

Honestly. How are you so funny?! Lol. Love it.

Elise miller says:

does Colleen have red hair? you should go to Dior on Rodeo, they are even nicer

Ariana V says:

Just went to Dior today ! They are amazing and super
Nice !

Izziebiz says:

Put my bag back in the box and ship to me, honey

Brendan O'Donnell says:

CG – need your help. My wife’s birthday is coming up and I need to know what bag(?) to get. Maybe around $4k? Something for the fall? Let me know if there is something you recco. Thank you!

Totes McGoats says:

How did you know Dior was the one?

jehan vazifdar says:

PLEASE DO READY-TO-WEAR!!!! OMG Charles, please buy clothes, they are really worth the investment. Dior makes beautiful clothes for men. Simple, Sleek…really on par with you aesthetc

Dianne Swann says:

charles love how your hair looks. your dior bags are beautiful and looks practical. Sending love from the bahamas.

Simar Singh says:

I’ve wanted the Diorama bag for soo long! It’s my absolute favourite. Loved the review, Charles! Your videos give me life <3

dearmatt says:

This video was so enjoyable! Love that the diorama can knock out someone’s teeth. I think it’s my next bag 😛

jazztonish says:

SA at a Dior boutique in Bangkok were super nice to me too!

Astrid Graulund says:

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a How to buy a Dior bag video like you did with Chanel and Louis Vuitton?! I really want to buy my first high-end handbag that is classic, good quality and that I can have and use for many years. I really don’t want to make any mistakes so it would really help me <3

lifeslittle luxury says:

I also have a new found love and obsession with Dior…..What do you think of the Diorissimo bag? Seems so functional. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks

Peter Scarborough says:

I hate when people start comparing what I spend on a bag to there necessities like stop what would u like me to take it back and give you the money

The Luxury Hybrid says:

Your thoughts on the Lady Dior ( Small size)

Mike DC says:

Okay so like…..he’s just a really really rich kid then right? I mean otherwise, how?

Quietstorm91 says:

Both bags are beautiful!

arelluinnar says:

your hair looks great in this video

babygroove says:

Why did you decide to just exclusively shop at Dior?

Sara Hassan says:

I wish you do what fits in bag as part of your review, I really love your Videos

BabyNapoleon says:

“Can you guys see the difference in my hair? Probably not because it looks the same” LOL what?!?!?!?

Jadorelamode Paris says:

Re: diorever- can the flap go inside the bag over ONE handle only? TIA!

lovepotionsinc says:

I really like this side of the room. The natural light is perfect.

Auld895 says:

I love you

Natalia Nguyen says:

I love your review videos so much. Thank you for posting the price for each bag. That is helped a lot for shopping

anne853 says:

@1:42 – _”Do you guys see the difference in my hair? Probably not ’cause it looks the same.”_ Charles is so damn hilarious.

Robot Reapers: Megatron says:

Did you say 3500 after tax?

Kermit's teatime says:

They are both gorgeous bags!

Siriusn23 says:

Really looks like you’re sponsored

DasZuckerhaus says:

When doing reviews like this it would be nice if you went into more detail of what pockets where are so practical to you, where they are on the bag etc.

Danka Danka says:

do you guys see the difference with my hair? probably not cuz it’s the same, lol,love u

MrRocktex1978 says:

so much for your love for DIOR — lol

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