So, it looks like visors are back, and, true to form, I jumped on this trend. As seen all over Instagram (and on the Kardashians) I’m reviewing the new Dior visor – enjoy!
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Javi Suarz says:

Hi Cassie! Just stumbled upon your channel, I love your content!

Could you tell me up to what point the Dior Visor covers the angule of vision? Let me explain: I am very photosensitive to light, but not always I can wear sunglasses since I need to wear normal glasses too, so I was wondering if the Dior Visor would cover enough of my vision that, while I am wearing normal glasses, the visor would protect me from the light (probably not directly like sunglasses but lessen the intensity of the daylight a little bit) Would it?

Probably I will look like a douchE lol but atleast i wont have to be constantly switching between normal glasses and sunglasses while walking in the street!

Janet Roberson says:

Hello Cassie

Silvia Filippa Kirlojevic says:

You are acting so foolish ( maybe you are trying to be cool or something ). Just makes your videos annoying to watch. The rest is okay.

Ashley Gordon says:

When she said “when we buy designer we need everyone to know its designer to justify the money we spent “ * I felt that *

FW says:

Re it squeezes hair down, you can pull up some hair and wear the hat underneath a layer of hair. It actually volumizes the hair as well. The downside is you’ll be covering the label so not “justifying the money spent” as you mentioned lol 😉

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