Luxury Shopping Vlog: Christian Dior!

Come luxury shopping at Dior with me!

Christian Dior Store Visited:

16 conduit street
W1S 2XL London
Tel 0207 758 9280

(Temporary Location)

Sunglasses Tried On

Dior Technologique: – Blue and Gold

Dior Technologique: – Gold Mirror

Dior So Real:

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Shaun Noble says:

I liked the BLACK ones on you the best.. VERY NICE! 🙂 The reflective colored lenses remind me of similar ones i saw on the runway for Chanel.

Matthew Perez says:

at :48 what color are those

ilove007forever says:

congrats !

Liam Watters says:

Those look fabulous!

Árni Birgir Eiríksson says:

Hey Ash, I love your fashion style, especially the coats and jackets. :)))

Crillionair says:

AYYEEE nice video keep em comin!:)

Freddy Briffitt says:

So excited for the next q and a when is it going to be bro?

Victoria Pavlova says:

Those crazy Dior SoReal glasses actually look good on you! A lot of people have them but I feel that they suit very few

Nathan K says:

Ahh I remember back in the day I had those white frame glasses with the big Dior on the side, so cool at the time.

Maria Draganova says:

i love these! mine are the technologics in silver and i get sooo many compliments when i wear them! Cant wait to see which ones you bought! xx

abdullah sa says:

Hey Ash , Great Vlog .Liked It .
By the Way , what’s the intro Music ?

Sly3n says:

Nice vlog! Waiting to see what you got. My guess is sunnies 🙂 Outside of makeup, I have never owned any Dior items, and I don’t really know why. Though I am eyeing those tribal earrings.

LouisV Lovely says:

Looking good Ashley!!!

Serge Elazzi says:

Why do you only use a gold Amex? I feel like platinum or Black would be more of a status for you

Emily Right says:

gorgeous I think the first ones looked the best on you I hope you chose them… You could probably wear a garbage bag and still look good (thats a compliment btw)

Jeanne May says:

You have my attention. I’ll look for the unboxing. I liked the black ones on you best. I thought they fit your face better. The other ones were too big. Guess I’ll see soon!

Peggy Rannick says:

Love watching you shop…

Rachiella says:

Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!! That style really suits you! I can’t wait to see which ones you’ve purchased! Xxx

frankbergen says:

Oh, Ashley, you are sooo cute when you sniff 🙂

Miike08 Pennia says:

Thanks for the video of you shopping at Dior and seeing your friend looking pretty!!!!

Snake thegr8 says:

Hey ask what is the introduced song btw nice vlog

misskross1970 says:

You: ”I will link all of the details below”
Me: ”Er.. nope!”

Nettie Ward I Nettiesworld4u says:

Congrats, can’t wait to see which ones you choose 😀 xox

AA720 says:

Nice glasses, I really like the lens of the Dior!

Cleo Patra says:

Hey ash, I was wondering if you could give us some tips on how to clean the inside of Louis Vuitton bags (the red material) thank you x

ddgladiva says:

Love Dior Sunnies, they have some of the most unique and “fly” designs out there. The most expensive pair I’ve ever bought to date(ouch, lol). They all looked great on you which is no surprise

ravinderpal singh says:

do you do any work
or jst shopping
as you mst have a large amount of money everyday

Rafael Caro Quintero says:

Sir I want to be like you.

yum me says:


Natalia Łada says:

Ash the gradient glasses looked amazing ❤

Anthony Venson says:

How much was it

Wewa :D says:

I know that they look nice, but I have a genuine question. Don’t you kinda feel annoyed that these sunglasses come out of the same factory which makes virtually every other branded sunglasses – and yet you pay such a high price point?

Ada Solly Styling says:

I love those sunglasses you had on Ashley so I hope you bought them.

Inez says:

The first pair was the best on you! 😉

Hanaa Light says:

Love the glasses !!! Look great on you.

susan watanabe says:

yes Dior has the best customer services ever.

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