MY FAVORITE LUXURY FRAMES: Saint Laurent, Akila, Dior Homme

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Akila Genesis:
Saint Laurent Bold 1:
Dior Homme Aviators:

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share my three favorite Sunglasses I rotate in my collection. I partnered with Akila Sunglasses on this video as I’ve been wearing their frames non-stop since getting them in the mail! I hope everyone enjoys!

Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own – Akila.LA provided sunglasses for sponsored feature however all features and views on these frames are my own with no forced influence.


Unknown Unknown says:

Closet tour please…I want to see your collection

Zygler Miller says:

Ok I have to say this… Pls get editing training bc I’ve been watching for a while on those cuts after one sentence or ideas are terrible!!!

EeNnZzOo says:

first comment

Bking228 says:

thanks for making this video Alex!! dope sunglasses! you influenced me to get the Saint Laurent Bold 1 sunglasses as well… Managed to get them on sale off of Mrporter awhile back 🙂 Just ordered the Akila style. Thanks for the promo code bro!

Darth Vader says:

What designer sneakers should i buy for this fall winter? Please reply

Cortez says:

Alex, Some other youtuber copied your channel name. He now goes by MonsierAshley, formerly known as BMASH5 something like that.

Anteroization says:

take very good care of then , in 20 years you can resell then and recuperate at least $ 200 each, i talk by experience. but keep then pristine. and no do not wear then to the beach, instead wear those $40 dollars calvin klein colorthin sunglasses to the beach

Jhonatan Sanchez says:

Bro you should have showed us your whole collection lol interested to see what you have

Daniel Hammond says:

Great glasses. Nice collection. Thank you for the video!

Mathew B. says:

you should do a wear and tear update for all of your Cartier pieces

Joy O says:

omg those glasses look great

the 676 says:


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