I just want you to know, if you ever need anything, don’t be shy, OK? There are no rules in the house. I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom! *wink*


TheThghtCloud says:

Do you know what kind of metal the Dior tribal earrings are made of? i didn’t even know they existed until i saw your videos and i just love the modern, ladylike look of them so much!

Ms. J. Lynn Orenstein says:

love, love, love the sunnies AND the lips!!!

Inside Civ's Closet says:

Dior sunnies are fantastic. I recently tried on the oversized aviators with mother of pearl on the arms? Think you might like them as well. Xx

Diary of a Bagaholic says:

Love the Dior so real sunnies! I got the same pair I feel like a celebrity each time I wear them lol. Dior have came out with so many gorgeous shades these few years ❤️

Jessica Vy says:

Happy Birthday! I love those mirrored shades babe, they are so cool. And they look fabulous on you! And I would keep the black and white. Blue lenses on a pink frame might look odd. Don’t we have fun with our asian noses and sunnies ;^) xoxo

Victoria Torres says:

I hope you’re  doing well 🙂 I’m finally getting a chance to watch videos 🙂 🙂 those sunglasses though, totally agree so fab, I wonder what the pink looks like xoxo

TheThghtCloud says:

oh and there is nothing wrong with being self-indulgent. Everyone is indulgent in one way or another. (whether it be shopping or eating sweets or even exercising… it’s doing what ever it is that one finds joy in doing) So i don’t think anyone can truly say that they are not self-indulgent. To not be is… not human LoL i mean what is life if you don’t allow yourself to be happy. <3

Rachel Haytsidt says:

White > pink. Lol, your crotch bar notation, lolol. Slick move. The whole “indulgent” thing is stupid. Like, we’re all going to die. I feel like people forget that. I’m here to remind? :}

Jamie Lewis Artistry says:

I quote Mean Girls all the time.  For reals.  The first Dior glasses are so cool, I probably won’t be able to sit with you. My most recent Dior sunnies purchase are similar to the second ones, with black frames and white arms.  And no, I purchased a pair of Dior one month, Valentino the next, and Tom Ford shortly thereafter. They are all different so I’m cool with it.  I’m going to Valentino today!  New pair of rockstuds? Yes, please!   XOXO Jamie

TheThghtCloud says:

Per your description box, 😀 i would like a video on your manicure routine. i can never seem to get mine to look as perfect as yours. Like how do you get your polish to be so perfect and so close to your cuticle? Seriously. for me it is mind boggling >.< maybe my nails and cuticles are just sucky idk. i think spending my birthday at dior would be just lovely! i'm so happy you got to have what sounds like an amazing day of celebration!  And i think that if anyone can pull off those funky cool glasses, it's you! they look so good on you! And i love how they are so uniquely awesome!

Baking Breakdancer says:

The grey box with the white box inside is so lovely. The glasses are nice too, but that box is great.

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