New York Lux Shopping Haul FAIL – Dior shoes, Chanel choker & Sunglasses

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Yohana Li says:

Return the glasses and for the shoes, it depend in your feelings, you love it even with the uncomfortable feel? Shoes are elegant but it depend in how your feel about them. If you are happy using those shoes then thumb up but if you can’t enjoy the walk because the shoes then Nono xD

Chisme Tuber says:

The chocker is Gorgeous girl !!!

Sondes Labidi says:

Erica! You are such a joy to watch!! I love your sense of humor! Ps: I would definitely return the shoes and keep the sunnies, they look good on you with your hair down.

mc_mackoy says:

keep the shades! =)

Ivy T says:

I’d have to say, return the sunglasses & the shoes, too 🙁 If you have doubt, they have to get out 🙂

Val ritz says:

Hello Erica, Love your videos, You and I are so much alike. And I got the ordered the chanel necklace!!!!! So excited THANKS FOR SHARING!!

frenbaillar says:

I like the sunglasses on you

DerekFizzey says:

The sunglasses look absolutely amazing. Believe me, fashion designer here.

Exclusive Addition says:

Love your personality, new subscriber!

Abigail Hare says:

Awww I like the sunnies!

hadrienstar says:

shouldn’t suffer for fashion. that fabric is not stretchable. can always check with shoe cobbler. sunglasses are too big in height, and style takes over your face. always about proportion and design to your face. aviator style, dior would suit your face better. the chanel necklace suits your style, keep it. I work as fashion product stylist. hadrienstar on instagram. luv your videos!!!

LA Mc says:


gamdes gaddi says:

Hi Erica! Do not return the sunglasses. Honestly, you look gorgeous on them. Do not return the shoes as well. Just put lotion on your feet. It helped with my louboutin. Eventually, the shoes molded to my feet perfectly. Good luck girl!

Heather L. says:

Ballin not fallin! LOL! Love that necklace as a choker AND a bracelet! Both are amazing bold looks! I have to vote “no, you should return them” on the other two purchases. I personally think those sunglasses are too big for your face. They are gorgeous, just too distracting from your pretty face. The shoes are pretty enough (although I would live in serious FEAR of dirt/marks on the white ribbon) but I don’t think they are going to get any more comfortable. Maybe you should get a new wild color or metallic version of the Valentino’s you love? I like these! (The money you get for those 2 returns will easily pay for them!) 🙂

Scent Lover says:

Too big

S Al says:

I love the sunglasses on you! Very vintage Hollywood and fab! I also love the Dior shoes, but if they hurt walking in your bedroom you will never wear them. Better to buy a paid of Chanel espadrilles or ballet flats for walking in Vegas. I was just there and we walked for miles and miles every day. Love your videos!!! ❤️

King Le says:


LizaMTL says:

Hi Erica babe! xoxo Ok so for the shoes, I think that you should return them. I keep hearing that those shoes are so very uncomfortable, and fabric won’t stretch. At that price, it’s a no go just to keep around your closet. For the sunglasses, I personally think that they look FAB on your face. Yes, they are large, but they still look good with your hair framing the rest of your face. I bet even with your hair up you would look great. So Victoria Beckham! lol And the rose gold tint is super pretty!! I would keep them if I were you, but do as your heart says. 🙂 And for the choker, girl you already know… lol It looks GREAT! xoxo Fab video as usual!

Mabel ok says:

Hi Erica, lovely meeting you in New York! Hello again! Thank you for sharing again! Love your shopping vlog! Sunglasses:no, really looks too big. shoes :may be if you are going to wear it and love your Chanel choker!

Susy Lonny says:

Hello from Thailand!

YCJ onearth says:

ericaaa what had come to your miiiiiind? give those horrible shoes back XXXXXX they don do justice to your beauty . the shoes are truly horrible

smokinokin66 says:

“love it or leave it”

Olivia Soave says:

Keep then I loveee them!! They look awesome on you!!!!

missmyluck91 says:

whaaatttttt?!!! I love the sunglasses on you!

vini maskun says:

Return the shoe please….sunglasses..ummmm i think its look ok on you…

Peace and LOVE says:

Omg, those shoes are amazingggggggggg!!!!!, and the kitten heel would be great for me, cause I can’t walk in high heels

ABKR HandbagLover says:

I think the sun glasses look good on you. I would keep it.

SML says:

the style of sunglasses is nice but looks big on you unless you will tire your and it will stand out. keep the shoes though, not for everyday wear but you can probably wear them on special occasion. thank you for mentioning the price, one of the reasons why i watch your vids 🙂

Monica Dokhanian says:

The choker is beautiful on you

mia burton says:

Sorry Erica I’m on the fence about the glasses. I do think they are to big but they are very nice glasses. Also I feel there not on trend that much. I think frame less glasses are very popular this year so maybe you can find a pair of those.

Peace and LOVE says:

Keep the shoes, for your daughter or just wear them on a special occasion not for walking long distance!!!!

A X says:

love your videos but you gotta get better lights and ditch the android… a fashionable lady like you do not deserve lights like these and this video quality.

Rose Redd says:

My vote: Return both. The shoes are not comfortable for you & you would look. Best with a bit of your brows showing over the frames, so the sunglasses are too “tall” if you catch my drift. Just my two cents

chewabby says:

You should return the sunglasses. The fit is not good for your face size.

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