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Today I’m talking about these glasses that I have received.
Thanks to them I am so over the glasses. I had one other glasses before and you know what I don’t know where they’re at because like all my friends would take them because they were so in love with how I looked.
I had the chance to work with them again to collab like the past week I got to get some you glasses and these are the kind of good. So they are like a cheetah print on the side and then on the top and these ones are no prescription. My last ones did have a prescription they’re reading
prescription. You can take off the glare though I would definitely suggest getting the anti-glare thing but it’s not expensive and I was all in love with them.
They’re so cute everything looks better another one want to take these off and putting my beginning with them in top is like a little cute thing I want to show you the top now so you can wear them on top.
I realize they made their soft cases better quality so the amount you pay you get a really good deal. I’ve always been a fan of that and like
these remind me like the Dior kind of shape thing. They have also multiple likes design colors you can get you can obviously do something else if they had black or white for this one but I wanted to do something more neutral.
Guys really took them out there such a sweet company for an affordable price with such amazing things.

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Trish C. Arrieche says:

What number glasses are these?

Jim Boice says:

Really nice! I love the way your new glasses look on you. I actually am a huge fan of that style of glasses. It is in a way very much like the Ran-Ban Clubmaster which tops the list of my favorite glasses on an attractive young woman. But your glasses are a very close to the top. But I am curious about 2 things. One is why you didn’t get them with your prescription since you have a prescription even if it is a weak one for reading? And second is why even though you only got them as a “fun pair” why you didn’t get the AR coating (anti-reflective) put on the lenses? Even wearing the as fun glasses why would you want the glare and reflections on your glasses? Apparently your friends don’t have aby issues wearing your glasses with your prescription in them so your prescription must be pretty weak if they are able to wear wear them without a problem. So you should be able to wear your actual prescription glasses for fun too. having your prescription in them isn’t going to darm or damage your eyesight in anyway by wearing them for fun or even all the time if you wanted to. Did i mention that you look amazing wearing your glasses? (retired optician)

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