OOTD: Dior Bag Problems; New Hair; New Sunglasses?

Hope you all have a great weekend! 💋💋


Loc_beau_ty says:

Omg, your hair is everything! Yes yes yes to the sunnies.

Double Vanilla says:

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Deborah105 says:

that hair! Love it a lot. You have the best skin. I am a fan-girl on the AE train. Gimme everything please. when you say your outfit isn’t anything, it usually looks like something great to me. I do love the way you put outfits together all the time. xxoo

Marvellous Style says:

I love the new do and the sunglasses. You have the style to pull off both of them separate and together. I’m glad you were able to switch out the other bag for the new one why not have exactly what you paid for. They don’t intend for the bag to be scratched up so why have a scratched up bag – you did the right thing.

Emma Tang says:

Love love your new hair!!

Lynn L says:

The hair, sunnies, and lipstick look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

syrgirl says:

I see the two lines!!! I wanted to shout it but you wouldn’t have heard me. Lololol. Basically, I feel your pain girl!!!! And in case I didn’t say it before, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LOVELY!!!! Ps: YOUR HAIR LOOKS SOOOO GOODDDD. I CANNOT! That’s my perfect cut. You look smoking. Pss: Sorry, the more I watch the more I have to say. Hehe. The Porsche sunglasses are great. I like both lenses but the mirrored ones really catch the eye.

Nazih Nabeela says:

Love the new hair

Văn Từ says:

Cute hair !!!!

Skiver Life says:

HAIR ✔️ BAG ✔️ SHADES ✔️ Loved them all ❤️

BipolarMax says:

I’m loving the hair! The Dior is fire! Glad you got exchange it

Lady B says:

Ok girl you had me rolling in laughter when you were talking about the JCrew shoes Lol……whose foot is this wide and the tassels. Love the hair girl it looks sexy on you and nope it’s not too much. I love it…………I didn’t know your hubby liked bath bombs girl. So how did the top fit you ? I never like aviators on me, but I do on others. I like the purple lenses the best. I just got a new pair of Tom Ford sunnies 🙂 Have a great weekend sweetie xoxo

Amrins says:

Hi Amy your new hair style is so rocking …i did buy the scallop winnie pant from jcrewfactory, love them ..thank you for giving me the info on the pants …i just love your style…what style is your jcrew navy blouse. And please do a video of your shoe collection and if you can link shoe or give details of the shoe you have if you can find them online .that would be awesome…

SDot2385 says:

Your hair looks fabulous! And very natural. Loved the purple lenses with that lippie. The shape of the glasses look great with the angles of your haircut.

The StyleSynonym says:

I hear tell that Dior’s customer service is fantastic. So glad they worked out that bag for you. LOVE the hair. It is so playful and gorgeous! Frames your face so beautifully! Yes to the sunglasses. Heck yes to the sunglasses. They look amazing on you!

Stacy B says:

I love the hair!! Glad Dior took care of you! As they should

Chik Pea says:

I love the hair it’s not to long and the beachy waves will look perfect for your Island trip.

Two Hotta says:

Your hair makes you look very youthful….like on this last birthday you were 30…. seriously…..soo cute

Winnie Pooh says:

THATS IS RIDICULOUS! For the price of dior, it should always be perfect. I’m glad you got great customer service, which mad exchanging that bag easy!

K Peters says:

Love the hair and the sunglasses!❤

Sonia Blair says:

Love the hair

zara naz says:

Your new hair is gorgeous….you are gorgeous. xo

S Song says:

That is the grain! Hermes bags are like that also. Some people care and some people don’t. If you don’t like it then they should give you another one.

Carol Calicott says:

The sunglasses sound kind of noisy….

officialhoser says:

I love the hair!

juju zeeD says:

Glad Dior replaced the bag. You look 25 yrs. with the hair and the new Porsche sunnies. I like the pink (look soft again your complexion. I also like the mirrored on you. Nails are pretty!

Gummi Girl says:

LOVE the hair, love the sunglasses, also the square ones you’re wearing in your opening – love love love those!

shels gyal says:

Don’t worry your baby will be adopted lol

amars374 says:

LOVE the hair! So pretty!!!! … also so glad your bag exchange went on without a hitch!

Charlene Fleurinord says:

Love the hair and sunnies from overstock

This Is Me says:

Your new (hair) “Do” is just lovely! Enjoy your well-deserved break …

Samantha Cox says:

Your outfit is really cute I dont like hoodies but i like that one very girly paired w/skirt good choices .I also like that u have a taste for low end and hi end labels u mix it up.nail color is fly and hair really cute. Enjoy your weekend.

Island Girl says:

Keep the sunglasses! I love them. I like both lenses.

Chetanya Bhardwaj says:

The sunnies are gorgeous! i love the mirrored lens the most! i think you should definitely keep em:)

Felicia Collins says:

Loved the fact that they allowed you to switch…so many stores these days give you a hard time from the start! You have me loving navy again

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