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Nikhil Naik says:

I can make you an intro

Lukas Klocker says:

Do you take Snus?

Edvin Karlberg says:

Jon, you should build a trampoline from that ledge so you can jump “safe” into the pool 😀

sommerlin says:

Why doesn’t your parents ever come to Marbella?

claudia fernandez says:

you should go to costa jump when ever you are in marbella

Alexander Niederhofer says:

You definitely need no intro. The sliding text is just it. So clean – best intro ever!

Dessain Saraiva says:

I would go to Morroco

daisyyy2000 says:

that gym looks so dangerous what if you fall? especially off that hanging thing

UtterAndComplete says:

no intro. i really like that your videos just get right to it. intros are stupid and pointless in my opinion.

Sofia Girl86 says:

Are they from Sweden? Är dem från Sverige?

Anthony Gunasekera says:

fuck the fucking intro, you guys are killin the game as is

Jenny TwinJugs says:

Love team bare feet!

ecke1010 says:

Marcus: “Amazeballs?!” I almost spit my beer out. 😀

Mick Peelen says:

Please don’t do the intro, the beginning of the vlogs are great the way they are. Keep up the good work guys!!

Techno Tech says:

your blog is great to watch but its missing fun side……:(

Jimmy Jiang says:

why he have to email so muchh???

daniel smith says:

You and Marcus always got the same taste.. you’re so compatible with each other. You can be a lovely couple, to be honest..

Francisco Costa says:

Please make the pool red.

Jakob Sörman says:

Started watching you guys today and you are so fuc*%#g good and one question are you Swedish

Nick Nilsson says:

Ni är är fett bra på att vlogga. Varför är Marcus med er ?<3

Philip Bang says:

What is the model name of your dior sunglasses?

Filip Harrysson says:

Anyone who knows what kind of sunglasses Jon has ??? Btw loving these videos 🙂

Pepijn Bevelander says:

Go Surf!

Carlos Benirschke says:

There is so much to do in Marbella!! :O

Kasper Bang says:

Hey Jon! You guys could climb “El chorro” next time you are in Marbella! Could be great to watch how the hike goes on youtube haha

sommerlin says:

Don’t you have ducted air conditioning?

Delphine De Witte says:

Hey, I also have a house in Marbella and we always love to go to Tarifa and go wakeboarding there. It’s really a great atmosphere over there with all the surfers on the beach !

Travis Mead says:

I cant wait for the winter ski vlogs!

Techno Tech says:


Lynn X says:

Does he live in that house? Or is he on vacation?

RoyalGaming NL says:

You need to go to puerto banus

Amanda Nyman says:

Are all three of you guys Swedish ?

Arsene Wenger says:

7:28 is that pot?

Jayden Staines says:


Enrique Vicente says:

hi, where do you buy your white t shirts, it looks really good!!! thanks!!!

Lola 44 says:

are they both from sweden? or just him?

Eryk Klebanski says:

pls show more in your vlogs men/women training routine

Satrez says:

Feels so weird when you here Janni talk Swedish in the backround..

NajjanTv says:


Mitteilungsbedarf says:

5:44 why do good looking women always get what they want? Hope it’s not his credit card at least.

ReallyFilthyToad says:

3:01 And if YOU guys have any suggestions on how to doing nothing, living at the Riveria and spending money, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

Francis Cade says:


Felicia Aigner says:

Vore kul om ni kunde köra parasailing eller liknande och filmade med drönaren!

Goncalo Castro says:

hey I’ve been watching your channel since when Marcus game along and I love them! play don’t create an animated intro and go along with other you tubers. most of them film a cool and exciting shot with the drone and show a preview of it in the beginning. Anyways keep up the amazing work !!! <3 From Portugal.

Julius Møller says:

do some jet ski and some fun in the water. skydive

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