Sunglasses Collection | Celine, Dior, Fendi…

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1.Celine New Audrey
2.Celine Bridge
3.Celine Burgundy
4.Celine Shadow
5.Dior So Real
6.Dior So Reflected
7.Dior Technologic
9.Fendi Metropolis
10.Fendi Iridia
11.Jimmy Choo Ora
12.Jimmy Choo Vivy
14.Dolce and Gabbana
15.Taylor Morris
16.Taylow Morris
17.Cartier Trinity
18.Ray Ban Round
19.Ray Ban Aviator
20.Le Specs
21.Miu Miu


I wore
Earring 1
Earring 2

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Tamara xo


Milica Mima says:

So many beautiful sunglasses T♥

Laura CYMFT says:

I really like the first Celine ones you had on. I think they really suit you!

Piss Off Big Head! says:

Where is she from?

Kristina Yevan says:

You look a little bit like Monica Bellucci here 😉

Illamaza says:

Was it just me or were those blue ray bans she wore uneven? Seemed like her right side was much higher than her left!

Reginia Pyngrope says:

everything looks beautiful

Lucy Petrova says:

You are very classy and fashionable! Absolutely in love with your collection! 🙂

Mariam Lapkowski says:

i have the last pair of dior sunnies u showed and its ny favorite actually. ithink its rly unique

adi2009bm says:

Excellent taste as always Tamara

Days With Deb says:

No Gucci??????? I’m shocked! XO

Frankie Amelia says:

I still love the ‘so reals’ they’re just the most beautiful sunglasses!!

Anna Rapsing says:

the first taylor morris and le specs 🙂

Mo De says:

I’m impressed you don’t have tons of Miu Miu sunnies! I think they’re the best!!! I’m soooo in love with your collection btw

Lucy Johnson says:

Your always bragging soooo much!

Ljubisa Pesic says:

Lepota 🙂

RoxiSim says:

quay australia sunnies!!

Liz Bugaienko says:

When you smile you remind me of Blair Waldorf 🙂

Meera K says:

how does she get money ?

kalimanka says:

beautiful collectin, how much aproximately did they cost all together?

Moschino Balkan says:

i really liked gold dior so refflected and last celine shades in navy colour

Mark Gorospe says:

your hot

Luxury Columnist says:

I’m a Fendi fan too, they’re so distinctive!

myrubyredlove says:


Piyanuch Nuch says:

I like light weight sunglasses, what is the lightest in your collection? Thank you.

Louise Bowen says:

I feel like you should add more Dolce and Gabbana to your collection; that pair are divine!

Modestym1 says:

What about Tom Ford?

White Crown says:

stupid whore has an ugly sunglasses collection

The Sunglass Fix says:

Great video and great sunglasses too! And I must say, all of them pretty much suit your face-shape. Anyhow, if in case you might need lenses for them in the future, simply order new lenses from us. We do replacement lenses for different makes and models available at TheSunglassFix!

citystoptical says:

Tamara Kalinic
I think you should try a pair of Sunglasses I designed called the “ENCORE”

Danielle Seroussi says:

I do love everything about you, you butafoul and fanny

Frankie Amelia says:

I still love the ‘so reals’ they’re just the most beautiful sunglasses!!

Lisa says:

No Prada? They would be considered the top luxury eyewear brand I think.

Christina Del Rio says:

I think which good…

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