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—-What am I wearing?—-

UNIF Caleb Jumper


Rings – The Great Frog
Piercing Jewellery – mainly piercing shops. If not, ebay/amazon a long time ago, search ‘latch hoop earrings’ and don’t go for anything much more than 8mm.

Nails – OPI My Very First Knockwurst


How old are you?

What camera do you use?
Canon 5D Mark III with Sigma 35mm f/1.4 OR Canon 24-70mm f/2.8

Where are you from?
London but half the time I am at university in Edinburgh

What do you study at uni?
English Literature

How tall are you?
I think I’m about 5’4″

Is your hair dyed?
Nope! 🙂

Thanks for watching guys!

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Leena T says:

I’m glad you made this chatty. Videos that just show me things and then just end are so useless to me I feel like im watching a commercial. The whole point of Youtube is to actually communicate with the your subscribers.

Annie Ruth says:

I’m obsessed with sunglasses!

. says:

what are those Gucci dark aviator shades called ? I really want a pair!

Alyssa Jeanesse says:

What a cool collection!

Jocelyn C says:

i want the Maison Margiela ones so bad:(

Salma Klein says:

I love all of you sunglasses I’m sooo jellyyyyy ahahah xx

Vanda Poljak says:

the only ones that actually fit you are ray ban models. others are not good on you at all. sry

Sarah J.R. says:

How about a jewelry collection please

trashの 男 says:

2:28 LOL

Leena T says:

Hey Jess! Since you’re such a sunglasses expert I want your advice on something. I want to buy a pair of rayban sunglasses that are either gold or silver, do you think if I opt for one of them I’d have to match my jewlery to it? Or can I buy gold sunglasses & still pull off silver accessories??

help me out guys and thumbs up so she could see :3

earthgirl4ever says:

You’re so cute Jess,Thanks for the vids! and I LOVE that sweater on you!

ashley m says:

wish you would have linked them for us Jess 🙁

Emily Jenkins says:

I’m a sunglasses hoarder too!! I looooove them!

helloano says:

I work at a sunglass retailer, and polarized lenses stop the glare when it’s a really bright sunny day. Love them for the winter time when the sun cast a bright glare off the snow. You see rainbows on your phone because of the anti-glare tints they put in electronic screens and the plastic screen covers for your phone. You should try wearing your polarized ones when you’re by a lake/river too, cause you’ll be able to see right through the water more clearly! 🙂

sunflower98 says:

wow real cool retro glasses you have there 🙂

idk idk says:

what is it called in letters? 6:11 makeita what? ;s

Louise A says:

You remind me a bit of Kate Gosselin lol So random I know! Lovvee all your sunnies! 🙂

Laura Ippisch says:

maybe it’s just me, but your voice is awesome

Poornima Guru says:

You should check out ZanZan Eyewear! They’re great artisan makers!

Harriet says:

PLEASE tell me how you stop your sunglasses leaving marks on your nose?!

Lauren Hooks says:

6:19 those look sosososo good on you

CuteSimpleThings says:

Your sweater and your hair…both damn pretty!

Felicia Plasencia says:

I think I have Similar face shape as you ..I’m having trouble picking out an optical pair for prescription … what do you think would be ideal for everyday smart looking glasses.. Shape color wise ? Mainly I’m not sure what would be flattering I’m in between round /small oval face ?? Anyone that’s good with styling pls share some tips I been looking for a pair for the longest time ever :3.

gizem ali says:

the first one is far to big, but you are beautiful anyway

kerstin loidolt says:

where is your top from? ( the white one) 🙂

Megan Eleven says:

I have the same face shape and I’m current using a Lee cooper sunglasses that is smaller than the wayfarer glasses but they fit really nicely so I really recommend you wear them 🙂

Elizopoulo says:

In the clubmaster I suggest you see the smallest size which is the 49. I prefer it too 🙂

Zoe Koh says:

please link all of them in the info box!!!! <3

justfromjess says:

what do you have on your lips in cut away shots? or is it just your natural lip colour? been looking for a nice, your lips but better kind of colour x

Laura Ippisch says:

one of the very very few youtubers I still adore after years. thanks for that!

Caoimhe Browne says:

Omg in the thumbnail you look like Hannah from pll

Baileigh Moquin says:

At 6:19 what are the sunglasses?

Aida Wilson says:

I have the same Miu miu glass you have on first. Really loved it and got lots of compliments.

zahra nabilah says:

Please do an updated ones!!!

violet lin says:

The way you say “pea head” is the cutest and funniest thing ever

Defend Derek says:

Its so cool how you guys can dress as you want, with cool sunglasses and stuff. I love to have such glasses too, but here in fuckin Germany everyone looks at you with a weird face if you walk not like the rest of them. And im talkinf of Berlin not a little place. Its so sad, but this country is rotten

Martin Resendez says:

I love your video!

Baraah says:

actually there are three sizes of the round ray-bans’ lenses 47MM, 50MM and 53MM. maybe you got 47MM for the classical one 🙂

Josefina Ramos says:

Hey Jess! Great vídeo!! Could you tell me the numbers in the temple of the first Ray Ban round? I have a small face and these look great on you!

Tebello Khasipe says:

Love this video. Planning on doing a similar one on my channel, but my collection isn’t as big as yours…love it

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