Vlog | Chanel Necklaces- Worth it? | Buying Gucci, Louboutin & Karl Lagerfeld

Hi everyone!

This vlog was filmed 2 days ago. Also forgot to mention that Chanel increased their prices again this year by 10% on Friday 15 Jul.

If you’re interested in the jumbo scroll down to see my email. I’m open to offers but please bear in mind the bag is like new so no stupid offers please!!!

Also I’d love to hear what you think about Chanel Necklaces and if you experienced the same problem.
I’m not telling you not to purchase Chanel necklaces!!! This is my own experience and I thought I’d share it with you.

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I’m wearing:

♡ Dior Technologic Sunglasses- http://bit.ly/29M1gQy
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♡ Cross Choker from Ebay
♡ Fendi Mini Peekaboo – http://bit.ly/29RK1Ng
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♡ Fendi Karlito- http://bit.ly/29RJUBu
♡ NYX Lashes in Fatale- http://bit.ly/29RljyK
♡ Mixed Tom Ford Blush Nude Lipstick with Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria
♡ Foundation L’oreal Cushion in 07
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Camera: Canon Legria Mini
Editing: iMovie


Lucian X Noe- Fly By Night (Inverness Rexmix)

Sam Feldt ft. Heidi Rojas- Shadows Of Love (Original Rmx)

Fytch feat. Naika – Just Like Gold (Mario Ayuda Remix) [Concordia Recordings]


Prese Jay says:

The medium Chanel looks good on you. The mini looks like a bag for a little girl. The small is okay, but the medium suits you the best.

gcbykat says:

Why you selling jumbo? I say go for medium 🙂

podkatetom77 says:

ты русская?

QueenLilo says:

medium 🙂 and channel jewelry quality is horrible its ridiculous

Meow Wow says:

I’m sorry the necklace was a hassle. As a jewelry designer it kills me when people spend that much money on costume jewelry. Please don’t be offended that I used the word “costume”, I know you spent enough on it. It’s just not worth spending money unless you’re buying heirloom pieces (things that get passed down because they never turn or fall apart). I know it’s not the Chanel name but look around London at smaller independent jewelers and see what they’re doing. Inside the boutiques and small shops. You will find real GEMS there. Innovative settings and beautiful stones, the kind of thing that will be in the fashion mags in a year or 2.

Couture Jj says:

Any Hermes bracelet review? Love your videos

Joyce L says:

Medium size for the Chanel bag! It looks proportionate to your body frame and the small size is actually the same size as the mini flaps since those are single and the small is a double flap which hinders how much you can actually hold inside.

Freddie Cooper says:

I love you but today im sick and im laying on my bled watching your ♥️ videos – love you

Lozza P says:

How old are you?????

Hijab Yorker says:


Prese Jay says:

Chanel cost too much to be tarnishing! You really can not expect much from costume jewelry no matter what the price tag says.

Robertking1996 says:

Very good looking jewelry, but just doesn’t last. Their cuffs are worth it, but that’s it I think.

lisa kesting says:

You are so beautiful!!!

Val Jolly says:

the small one…

Thyra Sannen says:

Hi ! Nice videos! Have been subscribed for a while now and almost saw all your vids. I have a question; how do you add the music on your videos? Without having the copyright problem?

Sara T says:

I really want to know what Maria does for work, what is her job? x

Nicole Harrison says:

If Chanel jewelry is an absolute MUST for you, perhaps you could buy vintage pieces at a lesser cost and then have them plated yourself…? I’d personally rather not go to the trouble or expense for fake jewelry

zaynahbabes says:

for anyone wondering why the necklace tarnished, it may be due to the fact that the base metal is poor quality or even the layer of gold is very light, with that being said, items that are vermeil or plated, you need to be extra careful with e.g. try and stay away from moisture aka lotion, perfume or water and definitely do not swim with it on as the chlorine can strip the layer of gold.
also your body sweat can tarnish the material, weird i know but thats what leaves the skin dark.
just because its expensive or branded doesn’t essentially mean it’ll last, its also about how well you take care of it, not saying maria didn’t, just a little heads up to others out there!

Nafia begum says:

any idea how the chanel necklace cost

Evgenia Karakatsiani says:

Hello gorgeous!!Your vanity table is stunning!!!!!!!Why don’t you make a Vanity table set video for us????I would love to get some inspiring ideas!!!!Kisses from Greece!!!!!


I have a few necklaces from Chanel and never had any problems (I’ve recently bought a large one with a gold chain which I’ve been concerned about worried that the gold will tarnish as my other ones are silver tone. My real problems I’ve had with Chanels jewellery is their earrings shocking shocking quality!! Every single pair bar one have fell apart I had around 5 pairs and chucked one pair as just a state and sold pearl ones for next to nothing as the pearls kept falling out. My other pairs the Chanel plaques on the back of them fell off so don’t even look like authentic Chanel now! So I’m mega put off Chanel earrings unless basic with no jewels etc!! Over all I find Chanels prices have gone stupid to be honest. I’ve been a customer for years and the prices now are shocking!

Cindy Lou Ellis Blume says:

I love Fendi!

Melissa C. says:

For those high prices, Chanel jewelry should be vermeil (sterling with very heavy gold plate) or sterling with heavy rhodium plate. The stones should be set with prongs or bezels. Anything else reflects very poorly on Chanel.

Marina Slavova says:

I found out from your other videos that you too are Bulgarian. It’s so nice to see someone coming from a tiny country succeed as much as you have. Keep up the good work и не забравяй за добрата стара България!

K Parrent says:

i bought a chanel necklace a few years ago and it had different colored gemstones in the cc’s. a few stones fell out of my first necklace within a few weeks. i was able to exchange and i got the same necklace… and of course the stones fell out again! i have purchased other chanel jewelry with gemstones/crystals and they always fall out! haven’t bought chanel jewelry in a few years because of this!

Lisa says:

Costume jewelry will tarnish

Marina Mills says:


Mariska K says:

So jealous of the stock that Chanel has! Come to Vancouver Canada and you’ll maybe see one glove, 3 coin purses and a bunch of bags no one wants. You will very rarely see a boy bag or mini flap. SO JEALOUS!

7777777 says:

от България ли си ?

Mina says:

Just wondering, is the guy that’s with you your partner?

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