Gucci Sunglasses Collection

My 4 pair of gucci sunglasses. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Model Serial #’s in order:

GG 2938/s
GG 2591/s
GG 3039s


Fab Jennie says:

@29vonda All of them are real. Sale prices are from 50 (very rare) to 125 (more often). I got most of them from offsaks; Nordstroms aniversary sale etc I mentioned most of them and prices at the end of the video. Thx for the comment.

Gino Ratti says:

boot lips

29vonda says:

how much and r they real

Fab Jennie says:

@STiprincess I do but not often. It takes time for me to do it the way that I like and right now I dont have the spare time with my 3 little one’s. In the future I plan to do videos (some) with makeup….but in the mean time you can watch and see how my face clears up…..I have a skin condition called eczema which cause dry patchs and or rashs to appear at random on my body….any where and every where :-s

Fab Jennie says:

I updated the description box and posted the numbers in the info box.

Nicole Novo says:

your contacts look cool

pedot4life says:

Can you share the item numbers for these glasses?

suzanne nottelling says:

all your glasses look the same expect for the sides of them all the same frame  

Gino Ratti says:

‘An ape’s an ape, a varlet’s a varlet, though they be clad in silk or scarlet.

Ashley Reina says:

Do u wear makeup?

Juanita Woodard says:

Honey you should have made your face up before u made this video….Your face looks a mess!

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