Massi’s First time to LOUIS VUITTON | Full Day VLOG

First and most important trip to Louis Vuitton for Massi to meet Aunty Sreyna and Aunty Stella!! This is a long full day vlog guys!
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Nail polish-Essence Cosmetics ‘Dare it Nude 162’
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Shoes-Chanel Espadrilles Biege Black cap toe
Sunglasses- Quay Australia x Chrisspy ‘Jet Lag’

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Nalleli Rivera says:

I love your vlogs‼‼‼‼‼‼‼ so cute little Massi, blessings!!!

Ulaly Юлали says:

Thank you for this great vlog! I always enjoy you vloging. Where have you bought your Oricam? I’m in Russia, where could I find the same? And you have such a nice boy!

Ash KS says:

Can’t wait to see the unboxing video.

Young&Pretty says:

The best part of this video was Massi , He is super cute. <3 You look really beautiful .

Kenya Walker says:

Love the video! I am a lover of Louis Vuitton and always enjoy your vlogs 🙂 If anyone is interested in buying a Louis Vuitton Fuchsia Epi Leather Pochette Accessories Bag on depop, type @kenyaw99.

Maria M says:

hey, what products do you use in your hair? it looks so sleek and no fly aways! thanks xo

CoachByNicole says:

Oh my goodness Massi is so cute my husband just said NO your cute means want just different 4 letters – said we’re not having another baby lol we have 6 3 boys 3 girl. Massi is giving me baby fever.

Makeupnkiss says:

❤ love that cutie smile!

Leo Lion LV says:

I loved this video so much! Massi is such a flirt and he totally recognized Stella and Sreyna. Total little flirt ♥ My cell phone has the same ringer hee hee! Loved seeing your mom babe and can’t wait to see what you got!!! I think we might be twinsies? :))) Love you ♥

Kristina Braly says:

Massi is such a flirt! Love him!

Gina Watson says:

This is amazing ❤❤❤

BootsieDior74 says:

Ohhh Yes Girl Satin Mauve is my all time FAVE and Holy Grail lip liner! It beats out ALL my other high end ones hands down!! so pretty!! Massi is scrumptious xoxo Just a darling little boy! xoxo <3<3

Yessi Orell says:

I enjoyed the video ! I can’t wait to see what you got ! I have to confess I’m missing your car vlogs! Do them again but leave the camera on the stand and just talk while driving ! That ok !

Mrs. Brackin says:

Massi is precious!

Lesley A says:

“Massi. You are in Louis Vuitton, please be quiet” hee hee xx

TheMfloresv says:

Omg he is adorable. The cutest bambino..

Brenda Bee says:

Omg Massi soo cuteee!!! What a Beautiful smile that little mountain goat of yours crawling around. Next he will be walking hahaha

Marlene Perez says:

God bless him he is to cute . Xoxo from NYC Marlene

VA Rn says:

Love the blog! Massi is adorable he is getting so big!

cshopper says:

He’s such a cute and happy little guy, you could just eat him up..great video!!!

Caroline Hicks says:

Masai is honestly the happiest baby of all time! you’re such a great momma!

Arjel Brian Agustin says:

MASSI!!!! so cute

Maria says:

I’ve always loved your videos and vlogs but Massi is the best addition to these vlogs!!! I can’t get enough! Love you both! xoxo

JC says:

love your vlogs!! you keep it real! I’m not sure if this is allowed you look like you’ve lost weight! you look great regardless

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

Massi is too cute. So happy

MissDiva232009 says:

You and your baby are beautiful! Many blessings : )!

Zoe's Mommy says:

Too cute!!!

Kris Mechels says:

There’s something for someone to invent: A cooling pad for car seats for baby. My kids are grown, but I recall that they would suddenly freak out due to being so hot! They make them for dogs– Why not for our babies?! Maybe they already do…:)

Raquel Paul says:

Can’t get enough of Massi! He’s so adorable! Loving the vlogs! ❤

Leslie says:

I can’t get over how cute Massi is! That smile warms my heart.

Brea Ellis says:

Loved how long this way…lovely that you captured Serena’s reaction. Looking forward to the haul!

Ash KS says:

Massi’s fan club coming soon? he is so adorable! like his mommy.

M. Yonder says:

I ❤ Massi!

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