My Entire Sunglasses Collection | QUAY. CHANEL. GUCCI.

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GUCCI, QUAY, CHANEL, SABO SKIRT So happy you guys requested this video cause I am obsessed with Sunglasses at the moment!!! which is your fav??
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Designer Styles

CHANEL Reading glasses Optical

CHANEL Sunglasses-code is- 5313-A…

Gucci Sunglasses Brown Square GG 3180/s

Gucci Sunglasses GG 3063/S

Bvlgari Sunglasses All Black 8023-B

Celine Sunglasses Large Shadow Black to Tortoises

Mui Mui Sunglasses Aviator Silver reflector lens

Bvlgari Sunglasses Serpent collection…

Highstreet Styles

Sabo Skirt Sunglasses
Brown Tortoises—tortoise

Prortmans Sunglasses Cateye Black
SportsGirl Sunglasses Large Square Black
Rubi Shoes Sunglasses Large Aviator Gold reflector lens

Quay Australia Styles

Quay Australia Sunglasses ‘My Girls’ Blue reflector lens

Quay Australia x Shy Mitchell Sunglasses ‘Vivienne’ Black

Quay Australia x CHRISSPY Sunglasses ‘Jet Lag’ Black Rose Gold reflector

Quay Australia Sunglasses ‘Genesis’ Blue reflector lens

Quay Australia Sunglasses ‘Supine’ Brown Tortoises

-Jenn G
-Desi Perkins

Japan Seller I use for Luxury consignment
-BrandOff Ebay
-Gallery Rare Ebay
-BrandWorks Ebay

What I am wearing

Tee- EllandEmm
Necklace- EllandEmm initials necklace
Ring- Gold wedding Band Dubai
Arm Candy-
Lip pencil- Essence ’Stain Mauve 06’
Lashes- Social eyes Lashes ‘Misha”
Nail polish- Essence Cosmetics I ‘Dare it Nude 162’

I film with
Sony a5000 SLR camera

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Lorena Galvan says:

First of all, I love your videos. You have an amazing bag collection and these shades are just beautiful. I love LV bags and have a small collection myself but i cannot do the same with sunglasses i am just the worst person when it comes to keeping them, not losing them and not breaking them in general. 🙁 love me handbags and take care of them so well, but the shades for some reason i cannot. I feel like i am wasting my money if i buy from a luxury brand like LV or chanel. I literally buy shades that are 20 bucks. Am I the only one? its weird i know.

Amanda P. says:

After finding Quay Australia I have no desire to buy designer sunglasses. Love your collection!

Vanessa Kennedy says:

The Celine pair are wonderful!

Loren Pemberton says:

The chanel sunglasses suit you so much wear them more girl 🙂

Grace Ho says:

Can’t wait to see you unbox your new Louis Vuitton!!

ItsCherryBomb says:

What about the pair of Balenciaga sunnies you got? I think a subbie sent them to you.

ruchi nanavaty says:

What a fun collection….loved each one on you…you really rock them well:))

shoppingwithapassion says:

“Get yo life” lol I love it! I love your Celine Shadow Sunglasses, I have some! They are so fab on you! They are very popular with celebs as well. My boyfriend recently got the LV Evidence Sunglasses in black and gold and they are everything, what do you think of them?

McNiki says:

Check out lisadnyc on Instagram for a great storage solution for sunglasses

Tynee23 says:

I love the Vivienne’s!

Mybagoftheday says:

Btw, just realised you look very much like princess Victoria of Sweden

Cindy Simmons says:

I love the last pair of Quay Australia with all tortoise on you! I’m now obsessed with Quay Australia because of you!

Makeupnkiss says:

Love from Texas!

Krystal says:

I have a few pair, but now am in the process of ordering JetLag and was thinking High Key till I seen your Vivian’s. Do you know the difference between the two?? Because other than reflective i cant figure it out lol

Carrie Burke says:


Tina Moors Tannous says:

I’ve got the same Chanel sunnies YAY! My 2 year old loves trying to wear them and stretches them outwards! I almost die every time he does it haha! I got mine from the boutique on Castlereagh Street!! xx

Violet Rose says:

Why don’t you push up?

deequu says:

Your nose looks less squished when you wear them higher! haha

Sassy BB says:

Ugh!!! I want to see an unboxing now!!! Lol eek!!! I’m so excited to see!!!!

Aaliyah Mani says:

Any help would be appreciated please and thank you

Gail Whisby says:

I adore your personality ❣Keep em coming ✨

S. Paul says:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh those snake (ithink) bulgari sunnies are gorg. great collection

Itziar Serralta says:

the celine ones are the best. you look stunning with them.

effywoo says:

I feel like I’m the only one who find quay quality to be so low for the price point. I have the My Girl and I fell like they are 10 euros kind of sunglasses

Luxe and mimosas with Krystle says:

Hey Jerusha, I might be going to Australia for my honeymoon and I would love to know what are some good places to visit. We are currently looking at Hamilton Island, any thoughts? Love your videos girl XOXO

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