WIMB & REVIEW || Mini Gucci Sylvie

Check out Alizey’s first “What’s In My Bag” video and review of her recent Gucci purchase, shop the products below & follow us:


Gucci Bag: http://bit.ly/2rT1xL8
Gucci Bag (Bigger Alternative): http://bit.ly/2rfvofU
Brush: http://bit.ly/2tc0zgP
Lip Creme: http://bit.ly/2tcJdkn
Sunglasses: http://bit.ly/2ot5s2L
Lip Liner: http://bit.ly/2tMmR6q


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Shahnye Saidy says:

It would be amazing if you did a video about your Invisalign journey so far! What to expect, the procedure etc etc. I’m thinking of getting them but would love to hear from you!

Alusiaax says:

Alizey ! I love you , you are so sweet , wish to see you more on this chanel <3

alice on the internet says:


agata v says:

Alizey, what do you have on your lips (is that this nyx lipstick?)?

millybells says:

bus pass , clock card and locker key?

Arlandria R says:

Would love to see another WIMB video from Alizey, but with a more sizeable bag as to showcase what she more regularly carries around x

蝶 蝶 says:

I love how often you upload!!!!!

hypnoticpoisons says:

you are so cute

Nina Roy says:

I hate sunglasses you can see your eyes through so much

menahil75 says:

where is your top from?

S Bee IG:mondaymotivation_ says:

As much as I love your videos and this channel I feel like all the ramble could have been edited out or put in the end as bloopers xxx

shalini kumar says:

Wish u both a very happy n prosperous Eid !

Maryam Al-Mutairi says:

I almost ordered that bag online, but I saw it in person in the store and hated it, bought the Gucci floral tote instead and I’m in love with it!

♥ Moroccan Glamour ♥ says:

They make a mini tangle teaser with a cover so the teeth don’t get smashed

Moode Bali says:

Love the top

Jen ny says:

Please make your own channel alizey

sarah says:

where is teh top from pleasee>??

Bryce Ortiz says:

Omg Alizey is so hilarious! She should do more videos

micah psalm says:

she has two phones whilst i can even get myself starbucks

Sonya Sed says:

Im also a PERSIAN youtuber. Just started.. would love for you girls and everyone here to take a look!! xoxo

Bryce Ortiz says:

Omg Alizey is so hilarious! She should do more videos

Natasha Ndlovu says:

So glad you are back in Dubai with your sister. How long are you there for and will you come to London for the summer?

Malibu Stacy says:

Yessss Alizey! So glad you’re back in Dubai. I hope you’ll be posting more vids and vlogs. Can’t wait!

laughallyouwant17 says:

are those real diamond earrings? omg

Sena Sena says:

Your Australian accent is pretty decent ay haha

MedicineLover 15 says:

her bottom lip looks very weird….way overdone

Samina X says:

alizey makeup tutorial!!!

Bea Aspiras says:

love ittt

selina 1 says:

girl i love ur videos

yung mula says:

Once I figure out the numbers on those cards we gon be eating good

ChanelAddict15 says:

How did u make your iPhone gold? Is that a case or skin?

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