5 Eyewear Brands To Check Out in 2017 || Sunglasses Review || Gent’s Lounge

5 Eyewear Brands To Check Out in 2017:

1. Krewe – http://bit.ly/2y4Ybv9
2. Sicky Eyewear – http://bit.ly/2nHIaSV
3. Westward Leaning – http://bit.ly/2nC9uBx
4. Pared Eyewear – http://bit.ly/2o7nxCP
5. Pacifico Optical – http://bit.ly/2oALyTp
6. Smoke and Mirrors- http://bit.ly/2oXGGEr

Comment your favorite style accessories below!


The Crusader says:

George & Blake work well together on these videos….

Artsloverinlr says:

The Krewe glasses are HOT! I am excited to check the site. Thanks for a great video.

Klas Kitsune says:


Mr. HHS says:

loving those tunes man! loving all those round frames

MrShadowofthewind says:

You should check out the new senna and ivy model from blueprint eyewear, the glass covers the entire front, it’s really something new and it looks very slick.

VisionDirectAU says:

Cool video!

hieuwey says:

Blake, underestimating the gas station again. George, the 2nd one looks bomb!! (paired eyewear)

Ben Cook says:

Read my blog about the sunglasses I just purchased. Best sunglasses in my opinion.


Alex Chu says:

Check out AM Eyewear and LGR

mrisbest says:

Warby Parker is where it’s at!

Neemzzz says:

Just discovered your channel and I am loving it!!

Shakirah Mi-Chelle says:

I’m interested in doing business with you what’s your business email?

anonymous7985 says:

Can you please post the names of the models of each of the sunglasses you’ve showcased here? Great video btw!

Nick Shively says:

What’s the model name of the first pair


can you guys review the ROAV sunglasses? they seem really cool because of how thin and portable they are, but i’m a bit unsure about how they would look like in real life

demodeiowa says:

Damn the one from pared makes me wanna put down my persols

qarhsi says:

Pacifico Optical & Smoke and Mirrors are my picks. Modern and versatile. Some of the other ones seem too fashion forward/casual to be worn in both casual and more dressed up settings in my opinion.
Also, these sunglasses are expensive. Check out this subscription box suggestion from Alpha M where you can get 3 x Sunglasses (with UV protection for under $30) – WearMePro!

rod bratcher says:

Was wondering what brand leather varsity jacket George is wearing?

Ben Cook says:

Read my blog about what I consider to be the best sport style sunglasses.


SickysWorld says:

thanks for choosing us dope SICKY

Black Jesus says:

What color are those Krewe frames?

ryan haasse says:

am eyewear is worth a check

Emily Lai says:

ATTCL sunglasses is nice

JB 6000 says:

I find some people prefer light or dark. Its good to have both dark and brown ones depending on the day

karege herve says:

George where can get the first pair presented? love it.

J Son says:

Nice to hear the Warby Parker shoutout. Just ordered my first pair of theirs and waiting for them to get here.

Rodoula Dimitrakopoulou says:


The Sunglass Fix says:

Kudos! Great video guys! We also provide lens replacements for these underground sunglasses in case you need one in the future.

Shinta0SaINt says:

Great videos guys, however I have a question about these sunglasses with respect to face shape. According the “rules” I use that term loosely, Blake has a somewhat of a “heart/triangle” shaped face (no offense brotha), shouldn’t he be opting for shades that add lower dimension to his face to balance it out such as aviators?(please correct me if that logic is flawed)Does he do that in his personal life. Is he wearing these more as a trendy piece regardless his face shape? Regard Shane Trinidad.

Arias Mathew says:

I know branded sunglasses is always in trend but yes if can’t able to buy too much expensive sunglasses then Blank Sunglasses is the best option to buy trendy and quality sunglasses with huge discount offers.

Pedro Santana says:

Take a look in this brand http://www.swellvision.com

P says:

I’m not early I’m not early I’m not early. Ok I’m early.

Jarett Nakamura says:

Krewe!!!!!!!reppin for New Orleans

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