ArchieLuxury gets a new pair of Persol Sunglasses

Persol 2803 S 24/57 Havana Brown Polarized New 100% Authentic Sunglass

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Lycosa says:

Hhahahaha Bees Kneeees yeah persol is good. Ray Ban is the classic and awesome best though, but a little too fresh.

Oakley sucks for fuckers

Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah says:

Looks like a blind mans glasses. Maybe you should get a cane to go with them.


Steve McQueen also wore a Heuer…

Kez Old Work says:

Those sunnies look great!! Great choice

Tom bryan says:

try a full face mask

HachiZenki says:

Eww, Persol?  Ray Bans are for twats, Ferragamo and Prada are for eurotrash, and Gucci….just no.  Stick with Tom Ford.

Renovar Wwis says:

i thought you sent the Vietnamese replicas sunglasses to Fraudriqos already.

J.M. Rolex says:

nice sunglasses

somerville99 says:

Get cheap sunglasses. They always get scratched no matter what you do. As long as they protest your eyes, who cares about the brand name.

RaiderInNY says:

Rayban is for hipster assholes. Glasses with gold plating and bling are for ghetto garbage. Archie… wear those fuckahz, get a walking blind man’s stick, and walk around the hood bumping into people, with a raggedy cup and collect $$$$$$ from the lemmings who will give to the blind.

Vladamir says:

nice glasses.

Geoff Plantagenet says:

persol. persol. persol, persol. persol…………..what is the name of them glasses, Arch?????….persol. persol. persol. persol.

zwimipo1 says:

Slow down big boi, all those nasty CROOKS will assume you’re a anoos phisting pimp! Only wear it on the right occasions to achieve the right amount of phistification big boi!

dutchdaedalus says:

Steve McQueen was a the king of cool, a moviestar, who raced cars and motorcycles and who drowned in pussy. Also he wore aviator style 714 Persols… not this model, which is a nice classic Italian style but look like shit on unemployed fat balding middle aged videobloggers who obsess over conspicious goods. Archie I hope you will livestream your next suïcide attempt, should be great fun.

Ing. Américo Rodríguez Vélez says:

Archie, google Luxottica, the Italian company that owns and produces almost all the brands of sunglasses, cheers!! 🙂

Silfverr says:

I just bought this model 🙂 It’s my fifth pair of Persols 🙂

fastcougar3200 says:

Dam, I wanted to buy the same pair but now I will stick to my Serengeti’s. After seeing this fuck face wearing Persol, nahh

Sir Ly says:

a pair of rectangular sunglasses is the perfect fir for a round faced pig like Archie. for a rectangular bone head like that impoverished lordship tgv, a pair of more rounded glasses would do the trick. unfortunately his highness does not know those basics and sports a ridiculously large pair of rectangular persols on his boney head. ten points and a bucket of ice cream for ole big boy, nil points for the urban genital.

Mark says:

God I love that intro! Lol

Brian Smith says:

Looks good on you ….. nice one Archie !

Matt Todd says:

they’re nice what model are they??

michael ellliot says:

Those are cool glasses Archie! I would like to get a pair – what is the model number?

Artby2wenty says:

Ray Ban and Persol are made / owned by the same company btw. Luxottica. They’ve been shitting on the sunglass world for the last 10 years.

Steve Gee says:

Archie, those are womens sunglasses.

Richard Krone says:

Talk about watches fucker.

Ryan Glosson says:

Great video Fuckr lol

DAVE Francis says:

Arch, you realize 98% of all brands of sunglasses are made in the same Italian factory. It’s a monopoly on eye wear.

twice_baked potato says:

Are those the James Bond shades?

OnPointFirearms says:

How much do you reckon Jewelers on Time pays Archie per month?

Colin S says:

geezer glasses, boy this is getting boring.

IntotheFire says:

PERSOL = Steve McQueen
Sorry, but you aint no McQueen Fat boy!
Stick to $2 cheapies from Bangers…..BANGERS Fuckas!!!!

BeautyofScent says:

I thought Archie didn’t have money to buy food, yet he goes and buys a new pair of sunglasses???? I wonder who the stupid punters are who send their hard earned money to him

john sullivan says:

they are but ive got a large head

Steve says:

unemployed, whines about it, begs for donations; buys a luxury pair of sunglasses… probably paid retail too.

once you put them on theres no telling you and steve mc queen apart.

vintage revos are best before being sold to persol/raybans parent company

john g says:

I guess e-begging works for archie – keep buying things and traveling

Henry Williams says:

you are shit

Cheap Squid says:

Tom Cruise Risky Business I reckon…

Alex P says:

Good choice Archie. The glasses are excellent!

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