Are Wooden Accessories Changing the Game? | Wood Sunglasses, Ties, or Watches?

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Caleb Oliver says:

+teachingmensfashion you should check out the company Original Grain. They have stylish wooden watches. I especially think you’ll like their minimalist style of watch.

I personally love wooden accessories from watches to lapel pins. However I can understand your not liking them. To each his own, especially with style.

Thomas Adonay says:

I like the woodn wayfair more

Kevin Fields says:

The lapels on that blazer are massive!!!

Tianrui Xiao says:

lol stuttering professionally, probably learned it from that Antonio

overviewable says:

Lol that photo

Matthew Claus says:

Go check out for some amazing quality wood watches wood sunglasses all 100% natural and at great prices! FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE

supreme fiend says:

i got some wood sunglasses

Luis Angel Pichardo says:

Check out the watch company Twig it is more casual but it very nice work

Henry Liu says:

the shaades

Daveed's Dreads says:

It WOOD be so sick to win the aviators! Right now I wear plastic but I am trying to turn over a new LEAF and BRANCH out into new alternatives that go against the GRAIN.
Guys, ROOT for me to win so I can please stop making puns.

mike chavez says:

I like the background music. What’s the name of the song?

96jortega says:

MAM has very cool wood watches

David Claro says:

I love wood watches. WeWood makes a few great watches. I think most wood sunglasses including the ones you had advertised were too huge and blocky for my face and I prefer the smaller glasses to go with my suits.

Jackman LeBlanc says:

Have you tried shwoodshop? Comparing the prices I’d probably pick shadetree over shwoodshop every time for wooden glasses. Shwoodshop is terribly overpriced. Could the quality maybe be better?

Robert Sincero says:

aviator frames are fire

Carter Blunk says:

Those wafers look great!

Steven R Rondina says:

They guy with a shitty beard is giving fashion advice?

Joost Elffers says:


Xx5114NNYxX says:

Black aviators

Kat Man says:

Both of them are sexy… Omg so true about wooden ties who thought about that

tizben says:

Jose! I enjoy your videos and really like how you’re growing with the new office and video ideas. I feel like the next part you should work on is preventing that echo in the audio. Probably some foam squares on the opposite side of the room and ceiling will eliminate it. Thank you!

H Name says:

Give trees a break.

jojonjef says:

I like the wayfarer better 🙂

J Johnson says:

Yes, most wooden wristwatches look like they are made out of Lincoln Logs. However, one of my buddies owns an “Original Grain” watch. It looks very stylish and refined. It looks and feels very high quality.

Wasim Hrithik says:

Wooden wayfarer

Reeves Haynes says:


stabani786 says:

Sound in the video is awful

Jay Nortons says:

Hey man , cool video. As for the glasses I like both of the models but the ones you were wearing the lighter tone shades are more stylish and with more character. IF i was to win one of those id chose them. lol

Manuel Soto says:

Ill take the aviators 🙂

Sebastian Tigerhielm says:

Haha, jose! Why Dont u have A Watch?? You always have A Watch but u are not in this video

nathan roll says:

I like the aviators

Vlassis Skandalis says:

You should check Luno Watches. You are right, not the best for a formal dressing, both because of the wood and the design but I own one and the quality and feel is great (of course they come with genuine leather).

gold coin says:

My frames are metal dress style sun glasses in my opinion wood frames are more for causal wear.

Adelyn Sosa says:

Alpha m much ?

Adrian Southern A.C.S says:

Aviator sunglasses bud.. Wicked style.

H. B. says:

“I don’t know who came up with the genius idea of wooden watches…”. One year later promoting wooden watches, saying that they are ”unique”. You are hilarious.

bamischijfje123 says:

ik every pair of plastic sunglasses the molecules are put together in a different arrangement as well. Not to ruin your dream

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