Hope you enjoyed watching my designer sunglasses collection!

The models I can’t locate but love are:

Alexander McQueen sunglasses similar styles:

Ann-Sofie Back similar styles:
(so hard to find similar. But I have these too and I LOVE them!)

Saint Laurent sunglasses:

Balenciaga sunglasses:

Saint Laurent aviator:
other colors

Elizabeth and James Fairfax:

Valley eyewear, other styles:

Illesteva sunglasses:

Westward leaning:

Elizabeth and James:
other styles,

Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses:

Stella McCartney sunglasses:

Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses:

Marc Jacobs sunglasses:

Thierry Lasry sunglasses:
other colors


Andrea W. says:

Thank you for sharing the information. I did purchase some polarized sun glasses that go over my regular eye glasses. I have MS and it is munching away on my optic nerves and I have Glaucoma, so the Polarized, are excellent for me. I do like the Oakley’s and the Ray Bans, and wondered if they were polarized. I’m thinking of getting a prescription pair of sunglasses, so thank you for sharing the info.

Nameless says:

Why do non polarised sunglasses even exist anymore?

Teddy Zhao says:

thanks for the video.

Just an FYI for those who don’t know: One of the biggest differences between UV 400 protected items as compared to other items that protect against the sun’s radiation is the fact that UV 400 protected items are capable of blocking light rays as small as 400 nanometers.

We produce polarized and non polarized sunglasses in China

Munish Varma says:

Excellent explanation on polarization! And especially what helped me is to know that polarization is distinct from UV protection.

Sodium Hydroxide says:

I have the ray ban clubmaster polorized and i can still see some of the more powerful glares that bounce off cars. Also there’s some weird purplish reflective coloring on the inside of the sunglass. Is this normal?

Roberto Badilla says:

What does the “S” mean in some sunglasses? i.e Ermenegildo Zegna EZ0030/S

lukso o says:

Ponloeur Leung says:

Holy shit you look like I know someone that work at Christmas tree shop

V K says:

Why u film yourself so close to the camera?

Daniel Mirk says:

You can literally see how he is reading the text from the screen. Eyes are jumping between words.

jeff jefferson says:

Polarized lenses are best suited for fishing

eth3rl0rds says:

polarized glasses are pain in the ass while driving and interacting with the lcd screens like car display or phone for maps and stuffs…

eLi FILMS says:

Ugh God you are such a bore. I think it’s due to the long running sentences. Jeezus. Stop

Flinsenberger says:

I wanted to see the effect of polarized vs. non-polarized, not hear talking about it. Sorry, but thumbs down.

ASMRdeMAR says:

The dripping ones are so cool!

Tout Colombo says:

I’m afraid you are a good speaker Bravo

Margot Vandenberg says:

Music was super fuckin annoying couldn’t even finish the video

ericcabrock9 says:

I like valley eyewear


I’m watching this with polarized Lenses

Kylie Jenner says:

Sexy and most beautiful sunglasses: Valley genius child !!!! So beautiful! Awesome!!! Very very cool for ur face!!! Wow!!!

Azzah says:

Lol love you! Love the collection as they are not mainstream designer pieces. Love your style! and Thank you for introducing the brands to us!

JoosH orsumbuddy says:

Polarized just reduces glare…if you buy green or grey lenses then youre fine

Chanel Faye says:

Omg my Michael Kors sunglasses broke like that too but it’s metal .. how can u fix it ? I would love to know I tried glue but it came off right away

JM Mendoza says:

Polarized sunglasses really outclass any normal eyeglasses. I have one and it’s really cool and very useful especially when you’re driving at night. I got mine here:

hworkdedication says:

FUCK polarized sunglasses

Arlin Marmol says:

First I want to say that I love your style! I just ordered a pair of Super Flat Top sunglasses from and I want to make sure I ordered the right size for my face. Since you have them I was hoping you could share whether yours are the regular or large size… Thanks ♥

Archilles Roark says:

Ray ban all the way

Priyanka Elffrost says:

Was checking Celine sunglasses, and randomly found your channel. Are you from Sweden? 🙂

Ps. You are stunning!

Brett Gunn says:


DESOLC says:

Did you buy them or did you have a man buy them? I can’t imagine you working (labor) for your sunglasses. Sorry, but it’s the energy you exude.

ab c says:

should sunglasses not cover the eyebrows?

Maria St. John says:

My saint laurent sunglasses broke too like that and I just took the handle and the glasses to an optometrist office and they found a screw to match, put it back together and didnt even charge anything so very very easy to fix!

Juelma Fernandez says:

Hello Johanna! You are so inspiring, I absolutely love your personality, style and how true you seen to be. Please make lookbook videos, I would love to see your ootd in video.
Kiss from Portugal!

Simplybrandy03 says:

They should be able to fix them.

Reddylion says:


Lucas Sahjpaul says:

Nicely made video 🙂

Stephanie Sandler says:

Just got the elizabeth and James sunnies from the realreal for 50 bucks! Look for these on secondhand shops guys!

hamoudy raad says:

Does polarized sunglasses should be expensive or not necessary ??? And why ???

Elias Wong says:

I’m really curious about where your accent comes from..???

Caroline Smith says:

Oh I HATE those dripping ones – you are way too classy!!

Tom bryan says:

6000.00?, double that and you can get close to my collection. Keep going!

Bendc1970A1 says:

I hate polarized lenses for looking at smartphones, information screens in cars, and thru window tinting films. Basically everything I look at. The fact the sunglasses companies charge more for it makes it even dumber to buy.

Aleph86 says:

The Elizabeth &James are very cool!
I suggest taking a look at theese

Farah S says:

I like the dripping effect glasses.

Karren Esson says:

Love your glasses they all fit your face.

CamillaH64 says:

Where is your top/jumpsuit from?

Tyler Tells says:

i love your collection!!! You have some great pairs!!! I just posted a video with my collection!

Natalie Maree says:

OMG love the dripping sunnies!

Monica G. says:

Love the glasses!

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