How to Pick Aviator Shades | The Art of Manliness

Gary Black from Black Optical in Tulsa, OK gives us the rundown on how to pick out the perfect pair of aviator shades. It’s more complicated than you think.


Christal Clear says:

Tom Cruise wore Randolph Aviators in Top Gun.

Tertuliano says:

yes very cglasses top perfect extrodinary

21 Gun Salute says:

shit you look like that annoying beta male tai lopez who pays young girls to hang out with him

Niko says:

What model are those gradient navigators?

Nikolay Stepanov says:

Where can I get the Aviators that he is wearing at 2:33. I really like those ones and want them. Can anyone help?

Tertuliano says:

number 2 vídeo is pefect dude

nokia3210fuck says:

RayBan didn’t invent the aviator ! It was Bausch & Lomb .

Nick Bots says:

Soooooo, basically not one mention of a single brand in the video. How does one go about finding one of these styles from this?

Welshy King says:

Navigator shape with two tone lenses​ 58-62mm would be cool for me

Moh Habib says:

i want to ask the navigator sun glass type and it s modle in 2:14

Bettencourt13 says:

This guy’s face fit for every shades he’s wearing..

summerdying111 says:

Your eyes are a bit weird. Really black and rodent like.

Rick DM says:

This guy has great hair

TomF1970 says:

If you’re going to go with the AO aviators with the paddle temples, get a good pair. I bought some cheap knockoffs. When I was wearing my headset flying and took my glasses off, the paddles pulled off the metal bar and was left under the ear cup. Pain to put those back to together and keep level flight. Just saying… you get what you pay for.

Art With Abhi says:

u looks great

Ms. Tammy says:

I really like your Video. Super informative! Thanks for breaking it down….and yes, every frame looks awesome on you!

Steroids Freak says:

What if I’m already cool but still want aviators?

Riuoetta says:

is it only me thinking he is sexy lol

Duc Nguyen Dinh says:

2:14 model and color pls.

lebron jaques says:

Italian Ray-Bans are for posh little girls, real men wear true american STEEL! AO and Randolph!

Noa Baak says:

Stop playing with focus, giving me a headache.

PK Slider AU says:

Camera Guy! FOCUS! you have one job!

202arian says:

focus the damn camera

PcTechGuy says:

Just ordered my first pair of gold aviators with green lenses. 🙂
Thanks for the video!

Matt Moon says:

I have Ray Bans

Mike Mike says:

2:32 What brand and model number is that? Thats what I really need please help

sulphur aeon says:

Great, I was looking for glasses to pilot my jet fighter.

Golden Life Gaming says:

square aviators=gayy

Kian Mirkazemi says:

aviators are not for being cool. they’re for keeping the bloody sun out if your eyes when flying. -source I’m a pilot

Afroza Khanam says:


José Antonio PM says:

name model 2:13????

jimtroclus says:

This son of a gun, switched more than 10 pairs,, and all of them fit perfect on him!! SMH!!

Stephen Brish-Vinanskie says:

thanks this helped my style increase to a hole new level

KratPlayz says:

got mine from kroger 5 bucks

MasterDarkness 1729 says:

First check all of them out then buy the ones that look good on you if none look good then get some help

NateBit8 says:

is there any from the 1930s or 1940s that are still being made today?

Baker Dow says:

We have diamond shape faces. Its blessing and a curse, too much choice…

Carl Darl says:

Such a huge fan of the classic teardrop aviators but alas it doesn’t fit my face. But screw that I’m still getting me a pair.

Alex Demirtzoglou says:


Gabe LSV says:

now that i have aviator raybans all i need is a pornstache to look cool

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