A month or so ago, I was asked by Nora NYC to become a brand ambassador for their “luxury” sunglasses brand. A few weeks later I noticed all was not as it seems…. watch the video to find out why!

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Salomey Ayim says:

The same exact thing happened to me recently

Nikki V. says:

I got sucked into the trap as well, and I honestly am kicking myself so hard because I already gave them my money and information. Have they done anything with your information? I just want to make sure I don’t have to go cancelling my card if they are using my money.

Belle Ruby Longdon says:

I was ‘affiliated’ with Nora NYC around two years ago now. I was amongst the first to complain to the better business bureau and eventually all of their instagram pages etc disappeared because of the really poor reviews. I never received my sunglasses and I emailed numerous times and never got a reply. Really surprised to see that they’ve ‘resurfaced’ and have begun scamming people again!!

Catherine Chai says:

They reached out to me on instagram, glad I came across to this video, I only signed up but this video prevented me from buying a pair of sunglasses so I went to my email and blocked them

Kelli DeLaney says:

I think they are at it again, because I got both the Mira Collection and Nora NYC comments on my Instagram today asking to be an affiliate. I have had dealings with companies before who mascarade as a USA company but are really from China. Namely a company selling bridesmaid dresses. They feel they can do whatever they want. We have to be so careful these days online. I felt fishy about it because it seemed so desperate. Usually a private message is what companies will do to get Instagram users to rep them. And they usually want accounts with more than 1,000 followers.
Thanks for making this video to bring awareness to the scam.

Elise B says:

wow they literally just commented on a picture of mine on Instagram today.. thanks for this girly <3

StephThePatsFan says:

Thank you so much for this video! They reached out to me on instagram for the same thing and you saved me!

Brittany Smith says:

I have two Nora NYC scam videos. They are unbelievable! They have shit glasses (if u even get them) no where near worth what they are charging (from China)! Glad more you tubers are exposing them!

chrissy83xo says:

They just asked me to be an ambassador for them.

Emma Inks says:

This sucks so sorry that happened to you babe

Kelly Lund says:

Glad I watched this because they email me repeatedly and the discount they offer is pretty great and the styles look nice. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Ariel Peake says:

Thanks for sharing. This company contacted me on Instagram and one of my friends warned me about them. I end up writing about them on my blogsite to warn other fashion bloggers.

Esther Benjamin says:

Thank you so much! They reached out to me with the same thing. So sorry to see that you had to go through this. Must have been frustrating beyond belief. 🙁 I saw this other girl with a similar review. Keep spreading the word as much as possible!

RetroStyle89 says:

Wow. Thx for this video. Luckily I google everything just before I trap. They sent me a message on instagram, too and I was curious, so I visited their site. What made me question it was, that you have to buy the glasses though normally brands give products to bloggers for free so they cab review or support the product.

In the past I have worked as a sales assistant in a shop for accessories and juweley. Everything was from china. And we sold exact the same glasses that you have received for only 12,95Euro.

You saved me and probably some other girls

Rachel War says:

That sucks SO much!

iiheartAshNicole says:

Glad I use youtube to check everything lol. They just hit me up on IG

Beth Carney says:

This is so bad! I’m so glad you made this video because they’d emailed me a while ago and I was debating working with them but after seeing your video and hearing that more people have been scammed by them too, I definitely won’t be!

ItalianCurls says:

I got contacted by them yesterday and smelled “scam alert”. And here is the testimony 😀
Thanks for sharing… but that grammatical horror on the shirt was really making me going nuts 😛
Sorry, English verbs are so easy that I can’t wrap my head around silly mistakes LOLOLOL

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