My Designer Sunglasses Collection | 16 Pairs | Ray Ban, Celine, YSL


And remember guys, it’s my job to shop, don’t feel under pressure to keep up with the bubble of social media or with me. I’m here as a product tester to find the best bits for you guys and I shop a heck of a lot more than most and get gifted a lot too (perk of the job). Be wise with what you buy…I don’t want anyone going skint just so they can buy a wardrobe full of blazers or in this case 16 pairs of sunglasses 💗



Gifted items marked with an *



1. Thin Preppy CL 41049/S (Dupes )
2. Baby Audrey CL 41053/S
3. Edge CL 41468/S (Dupes )
*4. Aviator CL 41392/S (Dupe here )


5. Classic Aviator RB3025 (Dupes )
*6. Round RB2180 (Dupes )
7. Club-Round RB4246
8. Round Double Bridge RB3647-N
*9. Ja-Jo RB3592 (Dupes )
*10. Round Metal Folding RB (Dupes and )
*11. Meteor RB4168
*12. Round Metal RB3447-N (Dupes )
*13. Polarized RB3545


14. Le Specs x Adam Selman Cat Eye (Dupes and and and )
*15. Dolce & Gabanna Oversized DG6113 (Dupes )
*16. YSL Chunky SLM3 (Dupes and )

Stripe Shirt
Horn Necklace
Long Necklace
Colour on Nails – OPI Gel in ‘Alpine Snow’

Editing by Simon

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Laura Veel says:

Wohaa what a collection – impressive! 😀 Your Meteor RB sunglasses should have a Polaroid glass as well. At least it says so on the glass (P letter on the glass stands for Polaroid 😉 ) And you should be able to see the size of the lens on the arm of the frame, if it hasn’t peeled off. And now I’m off to get those foldable as well – absolutely love them! 😀

Amanda Williams says:

Another youtuber I watch did a reaction/review of the Met Gala fashions (she also did the same for Oscar award show fashions) — you’d be perfect for that too. I cant afford desinger accessories or fashions but I like looking at them and hearing about them. Just something to consider.

Hope Francis says:

A very similar pair to the meteor which you say are out of stock are the New Wayfarer RB 2132 which I have and love and got from world duty free.

Helen Baker says:

Hi Emma. I recently bought a pair of Le Specs called Wannabae in colour called black smoke before I left Australia. They are absolutely fantastic and cost me A$60! (About 30 pounds if you can believe it)! They remind me of my Celine Baby Audreys only they fit sooo much better! I think they are a lens width of around 49, where as I must have bought the biggest version of baby Audreys? 🙁 They fall off and it’s so frustrating! Xxx

Ingrid M. says:

Omg! I needed this video in my life. Also I love that you brought all of these with you on holiday…so much dedication 🙂 ! I think i want a pair of baby celine! have a nice holiday Emma!

Tracy Aubuchon says:

I know how much you gold! Have you considered dipping your wedding ring in gold? xo

On Me says:

Lovely vid. I think it’s be cool to see a video showing the process in which you choose your sunnies/accessories when you’re getting dressed!

Gamze Nur says:

Your very successful video greetings from Turkey ❤ the most beautiful sunglasses definitely the Reyban glasses.
Which of the glasses is healthier for the eyes?

Emma Hill says:

For those of you on a budget, remember guys I always link high street dupes as alternatives for any designer items that I have. This video was a highly requested video which is why I made it, but I’m aware not everyone can afford designer items so I have spent hours finding affordable alternatives for most of the styles in today’s video and they’re all in the description box below ❤️

Vanessa Miller says:

I love Ray Bans! I bought the Erika’s about two years ago and they are the only pair I wear because they are so lightweight and comfortable.

zaynabb xo says:

i love ray bans but they are always so loose on my face do you know where i could get them tightened xx

mia Zemmouri says:

babe you should try a hairstyle that would suit your faceshape more ! xx

Heather P says:

Youre so pretty! The Celine sunnies…so super cool 70’s vibe. J’adore! Great video!

Audrey Auto says:

16 pairs of sunglasses and only 2 pairs actually suit you. The Celine Baby Audrey and the YSL pair! Apologies Emma but all the other ones……. Depop them and get some more soft cat eye style sunglasses!

Allison Raff says:

Can you do more dupe videos for designer sunglasses?! This was amazing!!

Julie Rueff says:

You know you’re a Ray Ban sunglasses addict when you have to make the switch to prescription sunglasses and you bring in your favorite pair of Ray Bans so that they can order you the exact same pair with prescription lenses. They are just a slight bit heavier, but it was totally worth the investment. They actually make them at the Ray Ban factory!

sommerlin says:

Emma I love how you have also included how big they are in referencing the sizes. Time and time again I always tell you how much I love your videos as you are so informative and it’s so refreshing as it’s hard to find a YouTuber that educates also xxxx

Charlotte Buttrick says:

Having a video binge watch 🙂 I go Mexico in a couple of weeks so I am hoping to pick up some new sunnies on the way out! It is better than buying online as well as I never know what suits my face! xx

Elizabeth 2018 says:

Great video as always Emma! My favorite pair of sunnies are my Le Specs Neo Noir which I got a few years ago. I also love my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies. So classic. You look great in all of them of course!

Wilma Chen says:


Amrit Puri says:

amazing collection Emma, was wondering is it worth spending so much on glasses when they are just plastic and glass at the most?

judy simon says:

I imagine JA JO is a nod to Janice Joplin, no?

Mrs K Coy says:

Really Nice Selection…Im interested to know how you choose the pair to best suit your outfit!

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