Naxury Luxury Sunglasses Unboxing!

Naxury Website:

Model: Pankhy

Price: 295.00

A little about the brand:

Naxury offers classic, yet contemporary styled sunglasses, handcrafted from genuine, recycled buffalo horn. Every pair is equipped with quality stainless steel hinges and first class CE approved polarized lenses.

Horn is a naturally grown fiber with uniquely-occurring patterns, colors and striations that cannot be recreated with any synthetic material. This makes every one of our frames a one of a kind piece, which, because our sunglasses are made form genuine horn, will further adjust to the shape of your face, simply by wearing them, are light weight, yet extremely durable, hypoallergenic and supposedly lower your blood pressure by absorbing your body heat.

Our buffalo horn frames cannot be mass produced. Only few expert craftsmen still master the traditional art of handcrafting eyewear frames from natural horn.

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AA720 says:

Cool glasses! Which gucci ones do you have because I don’t think I’ve seen you wearing them. Also do you know of any other glasses with interesting lenses like your LV ones? Have a nice day

Indi Boo5 says:


Inez says:

Great pick!!! 😉

Daniel Hammond says:

They are stunning!

flx2525 says:

I live in Frankfurt…

BusyBeingMom says:


Caroline In Sydney says:

They really are so cool. Love them on you.

nijay chinny says:

it’s so beautiful on you Ashely. so cute!

Miike08 Pennia says:

I have never heard of them until now and it is good that it is recycle horns from these animal. It is very creative in the way the company design the glasses.
Yes it does make it exclusive since the glasses are always different once made from these horns and the quality is very impressive !!!!!

Suzy Q says:


SilverSparkles says:

My favourites – I think these suit you more than any other! 🙂


Love the vid

wahyono gunawan says:

I just ordered mine. I lost my rayban about 2 months ago in a cab. It was my only pair. I literally just got back home from the mall looking for a new pair (Thank God I didn’t find any that I liked!!!). Then I came across your video. Can’t wait to receive mine. Thank you Ashley!!!

Tank Diaz says:

Wow, they look incredible, just went to their website, and may have purchased a pair or two for myself, perfect, you always find such wonderful pieces, enjoy

Apple_Cider says:

Very impressive indeed. Was very delighted by the website. They definitely downplay that pair of Moscot sunglasses i’ve bought lately haha.

chrisk04c says:

If you’re looking more into exclusive items with handmade/bespoke features you should definitely have a look at shoes for work or casual – check out Edward Green on Jermyn Street or online

Dwightinho56 says:

Beautifully done.

YunG RBSM says:

“I’ve ONLY got two Lois Vuitton, two Ray Bans and i lost my Prada.”

How fucked is this world?

Will Smith says:

Is this a sponsored video Ash?

Sharon Ee says:

I think the sunglass look good on you!

Manu Vanhanen says:

What has been the priciest thing you ever bought and how much it was? And if you have many watches you should do a collection video of your watches.

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