Sunglasses Why Do They Matter?!

This one is probably going to earn me some hate messages!

But why do sunglasses matter…especially when it comes to my videos?

For me, sunglasses are an important part of men’s fashion. They’re one of the few accessories that go on your face. They’re a form of expression, a way to show who you are and even your mood. When it comes to eyewear, I’m more a fan of the luxury designer category.

I love cool sunglasses just like I love watches, even though I do not trade them like I frequently do with timepieces. Most of the glasses that I buy are hand-made by companies that just focus on making designer sunglasses. Even though not every single person is a fan of watches, everyone loves sunglasses!

Let me cover first the best models of designer sunglasses that I love and use, then answer a few questions I get asked a lot.

Dita Sunglasses

Dita tends to be one of the most popular, mass produced brands that I wear. I go through different moods and the glasses I’m wearing sometimes reflect that, like the Ditta Classe model on my video. It’s one of the pairs that I’ve received the most questions on since we started the channel.

Mykita Sunglasses

Mykita glasses are more exclusive and luxury designer type glasses than Dita. I called the ones on this video my “Dracula shades!” These puppies are made out of titanium and will set you back around $850.

Super Glasses

These glasses are referred to by some as “Super” glasses. “Retro Super Future” (RSF), is the official name of the brand, which is very exclusive. The particular models on the video are wayfarers. They look a little bit like Ray-Bans and are hand-made in Italy. They’re all about quality, quality, quality!

Why Do I Wear Sunglasses on My Videos?

I get asked this a lot, both on YouTube and in person. I just wear them because that’s part of Watch Your Style theme of the channel. I just like to! However, it’s not something I’ll do in front of a customer on a face-to-face encounter. On the videos, it’s a different story. If you think about it, who cares?! If you came to hear me talk about watches, just listen and don’t get so anal about what’s on my face! Lol.

Do I Match My Sunglasses To My Outfit?

Another question I get often and the answer is a resounding “yes.” That’s the reason I have so many sunglasses in the first place. Just like with watches, I like to be very exclusive with my designer glasses. Attention to detail is the key!

Do I Match My Glasses to My Watch?

Not necessarily. I normally match my eyewear to my overall outfit, not necessarily to my watch. There are exceptions though, especially if the sunglasses I’m wearing have a lot of metal (gold, etc.) in the design (which may require wearing a specific watch to match the metal color).

And by the way, for this video I’m wearing a 44-millimeter AP Royal Oak Offshore with a ceramic bezel, which is in the trial phase of my watch collection!

So to conclude, why do I wear sunglasses? Because pretty much I like the darn things!

How do you feel about sunglasses in general and about the ideas I’ve shared above?

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jcordoba2003 says:

How about a video on your top 10 day to day essentials

Albin Löf says:

Eric what are your opinions of the Tissot heritage visodate with a leather strap

Fan4ManUnited says:

It’s been a year. We need an updated watch collection video !

Vardhman Ranjan says:

interesting video. Watches sunglassessssss what a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

peeslim says:

Them shits are Ditas!!!! Wow , yeah ur swag is right my G

cool stuff says:

Do Floyd mayweather watch collection its epic who does it bigger

kostar500 says:

What a douche… haha, guys relax!
Anyway, it is important to be cool.

Jeff Yglesias says:

Persol and Oliver Peoples are what i wear!

Tony Tmt says:


ryvr madduck says:

Coach Hierro of Spain was wearing a ceramic and rose cold on rubber strap today at the World Cup game Spain versus Portugal. I couldn’t tell if it was the diver or chrono, but damn the team should get one goal just for that watch showing up.

Mr. Inzeo says:

Make a video about those little bracelets you wear. They look pretty cool.

Pipe Alcaraz says:

Mykita also make prescription glasses, excellent product.

Harold TheTubeman says:

Nice house holmes

Corner Garage Productions says:

His lapel mic keeps rubbing his chest hair…

Abdul Rahman Malik says:

Tell em straight

Angelo Picasso says:

Why does this guy care about style? He’s extremely unattractive

Arthur Bartlett says:

Super sunglasses are great

Josh Chen says:

what is the brand and model for the sunglasses on top right at 1:00 into the video?

thehermanli says:

My office eye glasses are mykita/ic berlin due to their light weight and hingeless technology, while my sunglasses of choice are dita.

Solid choices.

Luka MG says:

“Sunglasses are an accessory that goes directly on your face” – Eric

Pluhf says:

As always great video bro ! Only been subbed for 2 days, however I must have seen 30 videos man haha

I just fell in love with the 116900 Air King, I wonder if there’s a waiting list for it ? It’s controversial, maybe not that much people wanna buy it yet.. what do you think ? I see its price going up in the future

Mac says:

Do a review on the YouTuber ProducerMichael’s watch collection. He is a great collector

James West says:

Good choice, Mykita (I own 2 pair). IC Berlin are similar as the owners we’re partners with Mykita.

pegasusltc328 says:

You are 6 degrees cooler than ice dude! ❄ Those shades just look so good on you. Dig that Richard Mille in the foreground!

SlickNick says:

Can you provide some info on the cases/wallet/key tag in your thumbnail? I love those pieces

Watch Dog says:

Keep the sunglasses! I’m cool with it. Thanks

Steve Smith says:

Persol’s are my brand!

eco8gator says:

Insurance pays for mine…typically get Ray Ban (standard issue made in Italy wayfarer) with prescription RB lenses. RB makes killer prescription lenes.

Credence Clementine says:

Eric really out here fathering these children in style

Cinar Gey says:

Strange thinking. you wear a hommage Wayfarer just to be different than people who wear the real RAYBAN WAYFARER. There are many SUBMARINER homages. It is like saying you wear hommage SUB but it is more expensive than Rolex. Just wear the real thing.

Hector Merc says:

Don’t pay attention to the haters!

Nick Rice says:

now i see why you wear sunglasses, im kiddn good vid. I usually wear maui jim, kawika or costa del mar, fantail

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