Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World

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In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Which are the most expensive sunglasses in the world?
Who makes the most expensive sunglasses in the world?
To whom are the most expensive sunglasses designed for?
Who can afford the most expensive sunglasses?
From what precious stones are the most expensive sunglasses made of ?

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pearl harbour says:

twats wear these FACT.

SHERAZADE Caftan says:

You meant eyeglasses because it’s not only sunglasses. Interesting video though

Leonardo David 28 says:

de rigo (u can say wit the Italian accent) vision is in english.

GiuseppeM says:

I just uploaded a video of how to spot Fake Ray Bans on my page

TN S says:

Soooo they are expensive because they are made with diamonds, 18 carat gold,precious stones etc….. Design not particularly special……

Patrick Odell says:

If you would spend this much money on a pair of sunglasses not only are you rich but you’re also stupid

benjamin pratt says:


curachachacha says:

many sunnies/eyewear are owned by luxxotica….

Lady Tron says:

Narcissism at its finest.

burdine estep says:

Just to state the obvious. PERSOL’S are the best regardless of price. Handmade in Italy. Most others ( designers) are made in china.

Kamaal Katariya says:

The thing is they all look ugly

박재현 says:

I have 3000dollars eyewear

Jalal Nasir says:

Smoky Aqua marine Handcrafted Sunglasses

Shanta Halder says:

These charms attract only third world people. Alux itself knows that.

Zuhair S says:

I get my sunglasses from the luxurious 7/11 stores.

Ali Albasri says:

Most of them are really ugly although they r expensive

LUSCIOUS kollektibles says:

So your logic is, the more expensive something is, the better it gets? Like the Veneno is more expensive than the Miura and therefore better? Lolz.

Brendan Chwascinski says:

Mai is expensive to people that work hard to get them says:

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These are the most expensive SUITS in the world:

Christina Kastritis says:


Lurk Moar says:

Warren Buffet would buy his sunglasses at wallmart

Tinker Diggens says:

I would still accidentally break them or lose them.

Rakesh Mohan says:

i want buy these after selling my kidney

Anchal Bhardwaj says:

Rayban. I think is best in world

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