Which Sunglasses Are Best? Persol Or Ray-ban – Why Handmade Quality Always Wins Over Luxury Branding

After being greatly inspired by a video I saw recently on the excellent “Alpha M” channel about Ray-Ban Wayfarers, I decide to give my own opinion on which sunglasses brand I myself consider the best. I discuss luxury branding in context of the quality of sunglasses and how sometimes paying a bit more for the handmade quality over out sourced mass production can really pay off and last you a lifetime. Todays video I talk specifically about my favourite brand; Persol, its long legacy as a heritage brand, iconic Eurocentric and hollywood 60s sophistication, the unique production of its glasses, and which pair I choose for myself. A good pair of Ray-bans will last a decade but a good pair of Persol will last a lifetime.

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nameless noname says:

Hey TGV thank for all you work and great info. I love Persol as well I tried a few pairs b4 utube and Internet and have a narrow face so I’m looking for a smaller pair are the one you have smaller than the original than just wanted to double check on item number so I get get a pair thanks

kevin Bly says:

The 2132 or ‘new wayfarer’ might be injection molded plastic, however, the 2140 ‘wayfarer’ is still hand made acetate just like the Persol range. They have in fact also been hand made in Italy since Luxottica’s take over in 1999.

Maugal Mohamed says:

i want to buy a persol 2427s..anyone??

Fierce Krypton says:

at 9:18 you say colors not models. I wish I knew which model of persol was most like new wayfarers.

HighSpeedNoDrag says:

I have “worn” Ray-Ban and Bolles for years and I finally came across Persol Sunglasses and they are very Iconic.  When I learned they were STILL made in Italy it was time to try a new European hand crafted product. My hats of to Europe for leading craftsman or craftwomanship whether it be a Belgium made Browning Pistol FN (circa 1958) or a new Glock from Austria.

rael challenger says:

What is the model of the glasses?

Felix Denomme says:

“There’s nothing better than these” I’m sorry but my moscot miltzens beg to differ

Baloo0254 says:

A lot more for $20 but a lot less compared to $10 ones that give you just as much protection as those. That $100 is better spend on an hour of personal training or a music lesson or whatever. Expensive SUNglasses are hardly worth it.

D. Sun says:

Dude , I am sold.
Placed my order.

Gunsight416 says:

Not really my style, I wear Costa Del Mar

sputnic says:

You be surprised to know that both these glasses are probably been bought by Luxottica , check it out .

john sullivan says:

persol are underselling themselves

Gad Perry says:

great video! awesome review..


rayband always. iconic. actress , actor , President Kennedy , band music its kind styles tradition for generation

Jesua Javier Ruiz Macias says:

i love muy persol sunglasses, are a biutifull, saludos from mexico!!!

MrPatosexyhot says:

hi! great video (: but B&L was the first company that made iconics sunglasses on the 20th century with RB Aviators, I guess that Persol didnt make sunglasses until 50’s or 40’s, after RayBan.
RayBan Luxxotica has Wayfarers in cellulose acetate too but is true that persol sunglasses are more comfortable than the Wayfarers but… they wanted to fly with them haha and the model of the wayfarers is made in ITALY just like Persol, both are Luxxotica, there’s no authentic RayBan made in China! and the prices depend of the model… I’ve never knew about RayBan under 150 dollars.
I dont have any Persol but I would like to have Persol 649…
The model of RB Wayfarer was inspired in the model of the cars of the years. I guess RB has more curious stories than Persol.

Chris L says:

i have 2 persol 649, 1 714 and 3105 cellor. They are all hand made in Italy and all look classy and feel premium. The hinges are nice and tight even after 5 years. Granted I don’t wear them everyday but they are still quality construction luxottica or not. Looking to add more persol as well, and maybe a wacky dior so real that the celebs seem to like.
There is no other brand that offer timeless elegance with that build quality and at those prices.

MrFitguru says:

Nice video! I bought my first pair of Persols, about fifteen years ago. And I’m about to buy my third pair. Don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand. I love them! They’re perfect.

D. Sun says:

They are comfortable too.

LQ Jones says:

Ray Bans were my first high quality sunglass love. Currently, I have Persol sunglasses and Persol prescription. I’m with you, Persol are the best, super high quality and a nice luxury.

Let's RANT says:

If it’s so iconic how come I haven’t heard of persol until now
Ray ban is a lot more iconic and famous
The wayfarer is probably the most iconic style in before the allmighty aviator

Gabriel Machado says:

I have some pairs of Wayferers and a pair of Persol. Both are great, but the only Ray-Ban compared to Persol is the Original Wayferer, which construction is also hand made in Italy, different from the New Wayferers that are only mass production.

Bellerophon 911 says:

I find most of your videos I’ve seen to be nicely done. You seem well informed.

Persol glasses certainly look quite stunning. I’ve have heard of some problems with their folding frame models in terms of breakage. Personally I prefer my Maui Jim Pilot glasses. I love the more modern wrap of the frames for greater protection and the optical clarity and performance of their evolution lenses.

Nick Flavell says:

cool geezer! May I ask what model your shades are? I recently ordered a pair of Persol 2747’s – can’t wait to get them!! 🙂

Plain View says:

Just picked up a Persol today and I gotta admit: its the best pair of shades I´ve ever touched. The build quality is insane.
Not kidding.

Michael Madsen says:

wayfarers look better to me

Tom bryan says:

Sorry, but they are not made by hand, the cost would skyrocket if it’s still done in Italy as they claim. My latest pair were slightly warped, still fit ok, but not dead flat, one temple is higher than the other. I own about 55 pairs of sunglasses, from Shuron to Oliver Peoples, and many in between, Persols are great, but Serengeti has the best lenses out of my 55+ pairs. And it’s polycarbonate. I like all of them though. I have to give Tom Ford a shout out for style, and Velado for unique and detailed aviators. I agree though, Ray-bans are second tier sunglasses, but sport the best name in the business–Ray ban! Back in the 70’s they had the best photochromatics out there, not photochromic as it’s called today, but photochromatics, and they had the ambermatic lenses as well. I wish I kept them, true clear to dark lenses that could be worn indoors. This was B&L, before Luxottica took over and made them mediocre.

arhlen itchon says:

original rayban manufacturer produce the ambermatic. the changes shade when dark it will clear glass .thats why ray ban a legend for me

nameless noname says:

Persol definitely hands down

David Lopez says:

Briliant quality !!

Matthew Hibbs says:

Ray-Bans are made in Italy, not China. Just so you know.

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