$242 vs $13 Oakley Jawbreakers

I made a video responding to your comments: https://youtu.be/3CEgjQYftHE

Aliexpress link to the “Cooloh” Jawbreakers: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Polarized-UV-Protection-Cycling-Sunglasses-Bicycle-Bike-Sports-Sun-Glasses-Goggles-with-4-Interchangeable-Lenses-Unbreakable/32790219466.html

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Daniel Vazquez says:

Dude… you just saved me a lot of money… I will order two just in case and take my wife to a good restaurant in your honor.

Simon Turner says:

I think Oakleys are overpriced for sure … but – and it is a huge BUT …
Without the likes of companies such as Oakley, producing the designs in the first place, there would be no cool looking knockoffs to buy in the first place. There is no design process in knocking off someone else’s designs … no only is it against the law but as many others have said, you are paying to own something a little ‘cooler’ and more unique, than the standard glasses you can buy. The fact some Asian firm is blatantly costing the real designers money is the saddest thing, as without sales they will finish trading – then who will design your next cool set of glasses???

Same goes for the other ‘cool’ brands … I do think they are very much overpriced (and would certainly sell more if they were reduced in price) but it is up to them to charge what they feel is correct for the time and investment in producing them in the first place. It also keeps them ‘special’ if they are not as readily purchased because of the price if you think about it.

Shame on you all if you support the knock offs … if you want cheap glasses – there are plenty of others about that haven’t been so exactly copied … go buy them!!!

But you won’t because you want the cool ones!!!

Clorox Bleach says:

Video starts at 5:30

theotherphil says:

It’d be interesting to see the optical quality of the lenses https://youtu.be/hUDkCsOxtjg

Valentim Freitas says:

I’ve already bought some of the fake oakley glasses (not the jawbrakers) and my experience is that the lenses are crap… they scratch do damn easily and they lose the reflective coating in a couple of months. What to you think of the durability of those lenses?

christkidjl says:

The difference you overlooked is the Oakleys has very good impact ratings on their lenses. If a car spits up a rock and hits you in the lens, it will not break them. On the fakers I guarantee you it’ll break.

Wilde Beast says:

Hahaha 2:20 Don’t forget boys and girls – Culo in Spanish means ass

allan kruberg says:

Aaahaaaha wtf

Jacob Ridderberg says:

Could I put a real Oakley lens into my fake ones you think?

60westpro says:

150 got suckered !!!  good work on this

satpal jat says:

Nice results

Medium Rick says:

Not interested.

Fernando F. says:

just wear the fakes and wait for big fly or bug hit you in the glasses and you will regret you were using the fakes.

Daniel Hansen says:

I had 2pairs of fake oaks
The 1 pair lasted for 3 rides then the left pole snapped and i had no glasses on for 128 km thanks to the cheap ass plastic(never happend to my real oaks)
The 2nd pair died in the forrest when i got a small branch in the face.
The lenses in oakley can also resist a shot from a gas gun like when you get a stick in your face so your eyes are safe the fake ones dont

kaizoku kuma says:

I work for sunglassHut and I’ve read some information about Oakley’s technology. The tech is totally different.
Am not saying that the jawbreaker is the one that you must buy. I’ll just say that depending of the reason you need these sunglasses the Oakley ones will definitly worth it’s price.

– polarized : Oakley like Ray Ban, Maui Jim and a lot other brands have polarized sunglasses but what’s the difference between all these big brands and other small brand selling sunglasses for 10$/€ ? : A technology with different names, “chromance” for Ray ban, “prizm” for Oakley etc… This tech’ will allow you to see colors and contrasts a LOT better, very useful for sport outside, such as skiing, cycling in forest, airsofting/paintball etc..

– durability : lenses are made by Luxottica (company that owns brands such as rayban, oakley and more) they produce 80% of the sunglasses in the world. The lenses are lot more durable than cheap lenses, they’ve gone through a lot of test, such as corrosion test, impact test, aging test.

– CE marking : With real jawbreakers I can play airsoft could you say the same for the fake ones ? The Oakley lenses won’t break they’ve passed 5j test, and even so they break the lenses won’t explode, so it will not harm your eyes, what about your fakes if you rolling at high speed on your bike and then a small pebble hit your lenses what’ll happen ?

– I need prescription lenses : yes you can actally get a jawbreaker lense with prescription lenses ! Google it if you need more info ..

So if you just want to go to the beach chilling or walking around or driving safely who needs to spend 200$+ on Oakley ? just take those Cooloh and you are good to go. But if like me you airsoft, or for any reason need the quality then you definitly need the Oakley.

Thanks for reading this long comment. Hope it helped you to choose.

Col. Angus says:

lol the real difference becomes apparent after time. The Chinese crap won’t last compared to the Oaks.

Garrett James says:

America can’t compete with proletariat labor.

Eddy Leung says:

yes, oakley video but good luck with your eyes. https://youtu.be/bpSNYVd85JU

Matthew Bailey says:

china allows companies to steal patents from companies that put in the R&D. so you are not really paying for the material but the technology. if everyone bought fakers their would be no oakley. without oakley their would be no fakers. support the people who do the R&D not the thieves.

Alejandro Panameño says:

How was the durability of the fake glasses? Do you still have them?

Eric Bourne says:

ew fucking cringe choice in sunglasses m8.

Outdoor Dave says:

I have spent some time in the Army. One of the things I learned while in the Army, DO NOT trust your eye protection to cheap glasses. if your eyesight isn’t important to you, spend the $13 and get the cheaper ones. I have a set of Jawbreakers, and a pair of the Flak glasses, both with Prizm Road lenses. I drive truck now, and at the end of the day, my eyes don’t bother me as much wearing the Jawbreakers.As far as being afraid of leaving them somewhere, if you spend the money, you have a tendency to take care of them a little better.

TripleCreeper3 says:

fucking obvious

TeeRay Bergeron says:

Don’t feel bad. Oakley isn’t even an American company, it’s now a division of Luxottica. Same Italian company that makes Ray Ban. Probably why all of Oakley’s new glasses look like Ray Bans. Some of their frames now actually say Made in China. R&D? The Jawbreaker is just a mashup between the Jawbone (or Split Jacket) and the Wind Jacket. There are no new X-Metals, no real innovation. I’ve worn strictly Oakley’s since the early 90’s…now, they are just another American sellout.



Heres what your paying for bud.
Real oakleys are expensive but not far for the price your paying for its not the frames that are expencive its the lenses equality that sells.

Jose Manuel AM says:

“Reverse Engineering” at its best, not to mention what the Chinese market already took over in different industries: FIBER CARBON BICYCLE FRAMES, TEXTILE- FABRICS (North face and so on), SHOES…ON AND ON AND ON. BTW The above sunglasses are also on ebay as: Chromatic sunglasses for riding…

austin says:

Aren’t real Oakley guaranteed for life like my real ray-bans! ray-bans covers everything but lost or stolen!

Gene Williamson says:


Dam C says:

This guy didn’t even test the essential which is the image distortion. When you move your head up and down the image get distortion. It can give serious headache. Please put the lens in front of camera and move it you will see the background moving with the copy and it will stay normal with real stuff.

Nothing to see here says:

Everybody who has swallowed the R&D theory is just a victim of a marketing machine crap convincing you to spend 200 bucks plus on plastic glasses made for about $1 in china using manufacturing processes figured out decades ago

Pedro Esteban says:

Hahaha! CoolOh…
Just go and translate “Culo” (as it sounds in Spanish) and see what it means…


excellent video dude, I was wondering about those knock-offs and AliXpress. Their name thou is proof that they cut off on marketing and research, it sounds like “ass” in Spanish, but what the heck, you’re saving money by wearing your “ass” on your eyes. I’ll choose the knock offs over the over priced Oaks 100 times over.

George Enescu says:

The 242$ are paid for eye health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUDkCsOxtjg

Fae Martin says:

So everyone is all excited about the extra stuff and the supposed sameness of these products however it is the science behind the lenses that make the difference. Go ahead and damage your eyes with the cheap product as your eyes have to work harder to adjust the askewed image. Go and watch some Oakley testing videos instead of a guy at a keyboard and you will realise what the extra $$$ does. It pays to spend for quality don’t be suckered by false products!

Igor Gorbatovsky says:

Oakley can’t be cheap as it is owned by monopolist of luxury glasses – Luxottica. You will not believe what is the real price for them. Talking about this case: In glasses, especially Oakley ones, you pay a lot for lenses, not the frame, but you can’t properly compare lenses without a special equipment. I don’t care about frame, but I do care about how much UV rays reach my eye. If I’m 100% sure those cheap lenses cut UV as it is stated, hands off Cooley is a winner!

Ready Snap Go says:

Im almost sure that CooloH makes Jawbreakers for Oakley. Cool video

جيد حاضر says:

How about the fact that the Oaklay is Polycarbonate leases, that is Chatter Proof and , it will matter believe me when you fall and the cheap plastic chatters penetrates your eyes

Jenghiscan Lui says:

luxottica will be fuck up one day

Roman Hernandez says:

The fake Oaks look so cheap, I’ll be ight lol

RxAxVxExN says:

apart of shitty plastic and so on, they can make whole fake glasses, u really think that this not apply on 100%uv protection/polarized sticker ?

Alan Jezusko says:

First, does the nose pad stick well when going over bumps? (even more basic, does it HAVE a nose pad, or is it just molded plastic?) And second, you’ve had them for about a year now. Were they durable, and do you still think they’re a good deal?

Jesse Gallant says:

Did you look into the lense material? Or anything other than looks and feels?

Johney Joseph says:

The glasses/ sunglasses industry is just dominated by Luxxotica. And they decide the price. Whatever R&D they overprice everything just coz there are people to buy. Branded ones are just not worth it.

Jason Carlson says:

Most Oakley’s are ANSI rated safety glasses as well. That would be my only concern.

Janne T says:

It’s all about lenses. I have cheap ones and oakleys and the difference between lenses are huge. Cheap ones sucks.

Gabriel Nascimento says:

Well, for starters i think if you buy them in Amazon or Chainreactioncycles they would cost like 130-150 bucks so it’s already a 100 bucks difference from the Oakley store. Are they still expansive for 150? For sure, but if you find them on sale you can get prices that are very similar to other Non-Luxottica brands such as Rudy Project or Tifosi for example. You can’t really compare these Aliexpress products pricewise because i’m not even sure if they pay any kind of taxes to sell them. Would i pay 242 for a Jawbreaker? Hell no. But i got these in a winter sale here in France for 100 bucks with polarized lens and Prizm technology which is similar or even cheaper than all the other brands. So… never buy it for the retail price. Something around 100-120 is expansive but is pretty much the price the other companies are charging(Non-Luxottica).

Roman Hernandez says:

Is you scratch or break any part on the jawbreaker you can easily replace it and it’s not that much

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