Are Oakley Sunglasses Worth It? We put them to the test. | SportRx

Are Oakley Sunglasses Worth It? We Put them to the test.

SportRx visited the Oakley headquarters and met Stephen De Mille, who took us to their testing facility and showed us the testing Oakley eyewear goes through. Stephen shows us some optical tests, tells us how Oakley’s Plutonite lens material is made and also shows us some impact protection and durability tests.

1:01 Laser test measuring how curvature and lens shape affects light passing through the lens
4:48 Scope testing for lens clarity
7:45 Plutonite lens material
10:07 Impact protection

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Dakota Valdes says:

are all oakley lense like that

Jimmie Fitz says:

What red glasses are on the one guys head?

olivertopple says:

Wear competitors glasses, and you’re gonna have a bad time.

Neal Hurley says:

Wait, this is cool, but aren’t pretty much all sunglasses made/owned by luxottica, including Oakley? Is this guy just comparing to other sunglasses that the same company makes?

John Trussell 3rd says:

Incredible!! I have several pairs of Oakley sunglasses as a cyclist and this makes me feel even more safe. I love that Oakley even cares this much about design and engineering. 🙂

Jaycee Angcay says:

Oakley lenses are pretty badass, give them 3-5yrs though it flakes out. got 5 different designs of Oakley, looking forward to changing all my lenses and wishing it’s not flaking off on me in due time.

C. Whitcomb says:

Thing about my Oakley’s – somebody always wants mine more than I do….

the23rdshadowdragon says:

Why was the guys hand blurred out?

First Shot Productions says:

You justify it any way you want. Glasses are not worth that much.

Jaime Robles says:

I’ve had my prescription Oakley fuel cells four about 5 years. I’ve fished, biked, jogged and taken them to the shooting range. They still have no scratches and look brand new. I love them!

MadHatter1337 says:

I’m mirin dudes watch

Jesse Lee says:

1:35 it looks like he’s flipping off the cam

Thekiller7897 says:

Yay a test held by the company being “tested.” Seems legit.

Djxjxixsm Jxjskjzxn says:

I stopped wearing my polarised Oakley Hijinx because they gave me a headache every time.

freedomrocks2 says:

I’m disappointed at my last Oakley I bought. Peeling off. Paid over $200US. Not worth it.

ron winnie says:

Does this video account for all Oakley lenses? Wondering if the same protection that was viewed here is universal on all of Oakley’s sunglasses

SportRx says:

Who else has a pair of these bad boys?

Siclmn Cyclerider says:

What a giant wad of pure bullcrap. Very impressive tests that don’t mean anything. If another brand of sunglasses look good to my eyes then they are. I don’t need a test like this to convince me of anything. These are plastic lens with a coating on them. Big fricken deal. If you are going to spend this kind of money on sunglasses then may I suggest another brand called Vuarnet. They still make sunglasses the good old fashioned way. Like out of glass.

horrovac says:

You don’t “put them to the test”, you let them do a commercial and mask that as a test. I’m not subscribing or taking any kind of advice from you seriously.

Any number of manufacturers could pass these tests, even though lots of them are really irrelevant.

Anjali Chib says:

oakley best

dread knot says:

Throws money at Oakley *scream* ” take my money!! ”

Rude Vegas says:

Can I go to an Oakley store and get my precscription done in Oakley frames while I wait?

ValhalaFiveSix says:

I thought all the names they used like XYZ were just marketing BS for the Sheeple.

JimmyDPX says:

Sure they use plutonite and not cryptonite?

Steve D says:

why are the glasses blurred out?

GamingWillis says:

yes, they are worth it!

Sean C says:

You u blur out da sunglasses

Michael Skomager says:

Will all Oakley glasses pass these tests? I’ve got a pair of racing jackets, could those handle the high velocity impact and high mass impact tests?

unctke983 says:

Oakley lenses will peel/bubble and they do not warranty there eyewear. I have had over 5 pairs and all the recent oakley lenses have bubbled do their poor quality

A J Creedon Sr says:

I just was given a price for a pair of Oakley prescription sun glasses. $750 to $800 for all plastic glasses. Maybe $20 to $30 bucks worth of materials involved. Luxottica is a monopoly that is using people’s dependency on glasses like some kind of drug dealer or pimp !

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