Fake Oakley Jawbreaker V Genuine Oakley Radar EV

I own a few pairs of Oakleys and after buying a new pair of Radar EVs for cycling, I decided to also buy a couple of pairs of fake Chinese ‘Oakley’ Jawbreakers for shits and giggles.

This is a review of the fake Jawbreakers and how they compare to a comparable genuine Oakley product.

Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed off anything else you’d like to know and I’ll probably do an update in a couple of weeks time.


Crusty Nuts says:

Could you leave the link of the fake website

Kevin Nuttle says:

What’s the url to the fake Oakleys… they still look good

Thaibuddhas says:

just be advised..there are already 3rd GENS knockoff Jawbreaker … so what he shows here is 1st and 1st upgraded version..2nd Gen is quite a bit there..3rd Gens handles all the problems he stated except the nose and lense parts;…

Mikey&Brothers says:

i bet these were from DHGATE.com , only supplier that has the cavendish colour plus all the extra lense and bag gear

Sidney Dejilla says:

where did you get the jawbreakers? 🙂

Laurie Dee says:

Hi.. Does the fake oakley jawbreaker comes with an oakley box too?

Lone Wolf says:

long winded, sapping my liiife lol

blogger88 says:


TechnoMulen says:

05:28 these are the Feeak

Sgt. Esposito says:

How much are Oaklys?

bloodsord9 says:

I bought foakleys for $30 frame and 5 lenses. It looked legitimate. Everything was just as in real ones. I went to the store and had them keep the lenses and check them for UV. They were exactly like real lenses. After the inspection I asked them to check the frame and exchange for a different color. After multiple inspections they didn’t spot any difference. Apparently I got real oakleys that were stolen by a factory worker.
I would say don’t ever use fake lenses. Everything else doesn’t matter

Driftprodigy01 says:

can u pm me the site where u got the replica plz so many sites and I don’t feel like getting ripped off

Hi Fe says:

What can you say about the UV protection of fake glasses ?

rich says:

Appreciate the detailed comparison

drwasabie1 says:

bought fake oakley for 20 dollars on alibaba, bought orjinal lens from wiggle and saved 50 euro

daniel saba says:

Can u change the lenzes

tamurphy11 says:

Holy sh*t open the cases already

Doyleyburger Cycling says:

Those Cavendish ones looks sick. Wish I’d have ordered those ones now. Got the green ones on the way

PIPE H says:

wrong conparation… difernts models. IDIOT!

Gregory Burt says:

You cant make this comparison. 2 different glasses

mojo jojo says:

I own a few pairs of replica Ray Bans I bought from DHgate that I had shipped from china for $11. Bought some replica wayfarers and aviators. They are absolutely flawless and look identical to the real. I have no idea if the lenses are the same but as far as I can tell they are the same. The size codes are the same, the logo on the lenses is right on..etc
The only thing a little off is the case they come in. $11 vs $130..Ill pick the replicas every time when the quality seems to be exact same

Driftprodigy01 says:

can u pm me the site where u got the replica plz so many sites and I don’t feel like getting robbed

Aaron Terrazas says:

My wife and I have real Oakley radars, purchased from Oakley and they came with a black bag, so the bag doesn’t really make a difference with regards to real or fake.

Tammy Wei says:

Oakley sunglasses are comfortable, replacement lenses fit well and save much.

ihatedrugs says:

where i can buy that Jawbreaker replica?


Where I can buy the jawbreaker replic?

Taylor Ash says:

my fake jawbreakers looked good but quality was far from it. ordered the real ones because my eyes are easily worth a few hundred to me!

Driftprodigy01 says:

can u pm me the site where u got the replica plz so many sites and I don’t feel like getting ripped off

Thomas Harris says:

will the real jawbreaker lens fit in the fake frame?

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