Fake Oakley Review & Comparison – Foakley and POCs

Overview and comparison of a couple of the fake sunglasses available from various sites online. Potentially a great way to look stylish and save some money!

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Knock offs Oakleys: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/O9270-polarized-sunglasses-glasses-Jawbreaker-outdoor-riding-bicycle-sports-goggles/32791760993.html
(Another YouTuber has purchased from this seller and the stock seems to have changed. Still Oakley style, but not the same. See detail in comments)
Knock off POCs: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/poc-4-Lenses-Polarized-Cycling-Glasses-TR90-Bicycle-Eyewear-with-package/32803630164.html

Oakleys available here: http://tidd.ly/ecdbab5a
POCs available here: http://tidd.ly/41b9706b


Enio Jurko says:

Great review(especially of the poc ones)! I ordered one pair of poc from ali immediately after watching this!

John Knowles a Cyclist says:

Another great video! One thing to remember is that 90% of the stuff we buy is from China! I was at a factory here in Los Angeles for work that makes nothing but men’s ties. They are ALL THE SAME and the same material…….. with different labels. So you can spend $300 for a name brand tie or 12 from target….. same tie. Same goes for the knock off stuff for the most part. I use cheap Chinese wheels that I would put up against any high end ones I have used! And as far as glasses, I use cheap $8 Puggs from the gas station. Best glasses i have LOL. Awesome video.

Bruce Crawford says:

can you tell where you bought these ?

MisterBassBoost says:

Excellent video. Keep it up!

Rich Cole says:

How heavy are the POC glasses?

The Vegan Cyborg says:

hey man, I liked the video, and Im subscriber 370. I also have the fake oakley jawbreakers and fake poc octal glasses. my poc are more quality. my foakleys are really generic and fake plastic feeling and looking when up close. got for free off of a facebood ad, free sunnies; just pay shipping. cycle Vlogging outta Hawaii by the way.

Philippe Bégin says:

Thanks for the link, i just bought the fake Oakley jawbreaker!

foolishhboy 1974 says:

You get what you pay for mate. Who knows how their lenses are made, are they really Polarized and have 100% UV protection ? I wouldn’t trust my eyes behind their plastic lenses….would you ?

Entrax says:

The only important question for me is do the fake lenses block UVs ?

Ian G says:

Hi there thanks for the review
Can you send me the link for the pic sun glasses because I can’t find it.

Angry Vegan Cyclist says:

Queshark TR90 “Jawbreaker” foakleys are the best.

Salty Dog says:

Thanks for the video. Thorough review.

Char Z says:

went to search oakley in aliexpress. came back nothing. guess jack ma is getting serious about pushing out the knock offs.

rskng says:

That’s quite a simplistic view. For the 242$ you also get a warranty, design, R&D, lens that you know is good for your eyes and that will give you the best view while you are descending at 40mph, piece of mind that if you crash the lens will not cut out your eyes i.e. proper testing behind the product, workers who get a decent salary, taxes that were paid, no child labor or at least less child labor etc etc etc.

bassmandudge says:

Hi.. where did you get the POC’s from?? we’re they through aliexpress?? Cheers.. .great review by the way…

Jhepz17 Mahilig says:

When your outside with those foakley on it wont matter nobody will know if its fake or not….

digitalsanpedro says:

Thanks for taking about the lens switching. I commute and I change lenses up to twice a day. Also, you should try the polarized lenses, they cut down on glare a lot.

Char Z says:

did you shoot this video while being naked………..

Paul Flanagan says:

How long did it take for the Oakley to come through just bought some

Anonymous Maximus says:

People that go cheap on there eyes trip me out

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