Oakley Crosshair polarized review

Quick rundown of the sunglasses and sunglass hut


yurity says:

Hey, I got these sunglasses yesterday, but with the titanium frame. I wore them today and noticed that the polarization effect is not that strong as compared to some other sunglasses I tried (Oakley, Rayban). For example if you look at an lcd screen wearing those with your head sideways, it doesn’t get as dark as some other polarized lenses do. Have you noticed anything of this sort ?

ManCove says:

@BlayzedBlue i completely agree

classiquebonita says:

How do the crosshairs compare to the plaintiffs?

parkerjg13 says:

Do you know what the differences are between these and the Crosshair 2.0s?

SkyLimish Maze says:

I am gonna find how to make crosshair on glasses. But i found nothing. I only found this shit

knight knives says:

i love this sunglass it fits on me really well. i got the black one

AngeloR674 says:

U didn’t have to share that comment .of not wearing pants

Peter Bannon says:

Oakley makes a real quality product and the Crosshair is no exception.


It is made for small-medium faces. Those with a wide face or a large frame in general will look more like Morpheus than Maverick in these shades. Try BEFORE you buy. At $260 retail and $130 SI, it’s steep cash for most to drop on a product that might be ill-fitting.

PCFreeX says:

im gonna buy this,. since i need sun glasses and i often get smacked over the head with a baseball bat ^^

xjry says:

Also, forgot to say thanks for the review!

Jay Bushong says:

Just got off the phone with Oakley…. these are made in fucking CHINA…..

coolshariq says:

those are so sick!! i just order crosshair ducati style

theroddy says:

I bought these yesterday, excellent sunglasses! I was looking for some polarised Inmates but saw these and had to have them. A bit expensive though. £170, which is about $270. England sucks!

ManCove says:

I think the crosshairs are a little more agressive styling and I am not sure if the plaintiffs normally come in polarized. The Plaintiffs are more sleek aviator style where the crosshairs definitely infuse Oakley styling.

Erik Kvalheim says:

These are in Oakley’s ACTIVE line, not Lifestyle…

MrSchulzey says:

hahaha “and im not wearing pants” lol

ManCove says:

I’m not entirely sure, they are in my car at the moment and since their not advertised to switch the lenses I never looked to do it.

Eddie Regory says:

what color frame are those? They advertise them as chrome/silver. Which one is it?

Nathan Garza says:

I like the way they look like a more modern version of RayBan Aviators.

Bob Carr says:

I currently own a pair of polarized flak jackets (which, by the way, I’ve had for 4 years – no problems) and I just need a new pair. I’m kind of tired of the look of the “sport” glasses..
I’ve been looking into the crosshair model, and thanks to your review, I’m headed to my sunglass hut to pick up a pair today 😀

ManCove says:

That is awesome!

Andrew Purcell says:

lenses might be gray iridium polarized

ManCove says:

I agree

pvtdiego217 says:

Awesome review!!! 🙂

w8hite1side5 says:

great and funny review.

lorderik237 says:

4:10 If you’re being smacked in the head with a bat, wouldn’t the least of your concerns be if your sunglasses stay on your head?

counkev says:

Is there anyway to remove the lens? Is there like a screw or something? I want to get these made with prescriptions but not with oakley because they will charge a fortune.

Andy Han says:

so polarized or naw? or even worth the extra 100?

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