Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses Review

A review of the Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses in three different styles!

1) A Brief Overview of the Flak 2.0 (0:00 – 0:24)
2) A Closer Look at the Matte Black Ruby Polarized Model (0:25 – 0:37)
2) A Look at the New Earsock Design (0:38 – 1:37)
3) Comparison of Lens Shape to Original Flak Jacket (1:37 – 2:06)
4) A Closer Look at the Uranium Sapphire Polarized Model (2:07 – 2:18)
5) Uranium Frames (2:19 – 2:38)
6) Discussing Flak 2.0 Lens Options (2:39 – 3:15)
7) Fit (3:16 – 3:43)
8) Ballistic Case (3:44 – 4:03)
9) A Closer Look at the Retina Burn Ruby Iridium Model (4:04 – 4:23)
10) Performance & Fashion Wear (4:24 – 4:52)
11) Lens Coverage (4:53 -6:14)

If you want me to review a particular model or lens, let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram or Twitter! Stay disruptive!

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S Li says:

They look awesome. Great review

Ivy Ross Perez says:

hi steveo Im looking flak 2.0 same that lenses ruby polarized. is that lenses call 00 red ruby? thanks

Colton Howard says:

Can you switch the lenses on these?

Streetrider Lee says:

great review. flak jackets always had nice design to them. fyi, I wear Flak for casual and occasionally sport events, Radar EV prizm for baseball and Holbrook strictly for casual use.

asianutuber says:

asian face problems? does the lense touch the cheek?

how about the asian fit in comparison

too bad you dont compare the two

440hsp says:

SteveO i had bottlecaps for years and purchased a set of red fire iridium polarized lenses for them when they came out ( in limited supply). I want another pair of oakleys similar to those because my new frames give me a headache. looking at these flak 2.0’s. are they as comfortable?

Vellioh says:

@1:20 did you just say those glasses were made of unobtainium? How’d you get them!?

SteveoSunglasses says:

@ScottBullock Honestly I don’t feel like they necessarily sit higher but they do have a much higher “arc” around the top of the frame/lenses to get higher peripheral views up top.  I do usually wear both flaks and flak 2.0’s with the larger nosepads though so that may skew my perspective on things.

qntt2002 says:

I like them but they appear to be very snug against your temples and that will cause some nasty tan lines there fast. I guess I have to try them.

Dale Overstreet says:

First comment!

Alvin Lam says:

Concise presentation! Do you know the lenses (XL and standard) are interchangeable in Flak 2.0? The original flak jacket frame can accommodate either XLJ or standard. Thanks

Dann Thombs says:

Love the HQ backdrop behind the detail shots of the glasses.

Dann Thombs says:

Also, all cases will no longer be coming with foam cutouts. The bags will be serving that purpose by having the sewn in pockets.

Pack Mule says:

Think you got ripped on your ballistic case because mine is not a hollow shell, but rather, it has cutouts for the frame, lenses, etc.  Personally, I never keep my sunglasses in cases (soft or hard ones), so it doesn’t matter to me, but noticed you mentioned the ballistic case in your video so I thought I’d let you know that the one I received is different.

Rich Savage says:

Flak2.0 my favorite pair of sports sunglasses

Scott Bullock says:

Great review man! Do you find they sit higher on your nose than the OG flak? They feel very high when I try them on.

#1 SteelCurtain says:

Wish the xlj lenses fit the 2.0 and vice-versa..The bump out onto the lenses near the arm connections is a major mistake can’t get use to seeing that bumpout in my peripheral view..Oakley please don’t discontinue the flak xlj.

Anthony K says:

I currently use cheap blue shaded golf sunglasses. I love how I see blue tint through the lense when it’s super bright out while running. I want to upgrade to these, which lense would be comparable to my description?BTW, Great review. I’m so glad I found an Oakley fanatic. Do you review any other brands?

Cesar Augusto says:

goog man!

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