Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

A look at the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL in a Matte White frame with Sapphire Iridium lenses


Jeff Morgan says:

Love mine!

Daniel Nathanson says:

The Flak 2.0 is imo a flawed design, check my reviews before parting with your cash. I would recommend the radar ev for sport and/or the old flak jackets if you can find a pair you like.

braden 1632 says:

I have the flak 2.0 and I love them

Jackson Ko says:

tried d old flak jacket and did not like the rubber stem piece bec already sliding backward leaving a gap even just at the store.  imagine if sweaty.  I did buy a custom carbon fibre frame flak 2.0 and was disappointed with the fibre pattern as it is totally different than what the website shows. it is almost like a freaking chess board!  Fit is great and prizm trail is awesome.  Above average in bright sun and you can still see clearly  in the deep shaded trails.  BTW, tks for your video.

Eli Godfrey says:

Nice Oakley’s I’m getting some

Bill Hister says:

IMO~ They look CHEAP!!! especially for the price!!

Steven Daley says:

I have the older flak xlj model. Can you tell me are the lenses a little larger on the new 2.0 xl? When I say larger I mean do they cover a little more of your upper cheek?

FTWson says:

These glasses just scream “PC”

Rick Roberts says:

I’m looking to purchase a pair of flak jacket XLJ polarized and I’ve seen a lot on ebay. Have u ever bought oakley on ebay? If so do u have a seller that you trust? Thanks

MNMohamed says:

Thanks a lot for another review +eyespy0099!

Yajson says:

could be please do a video comparison of all the xmetals that you have.. now you have a badman and I’ve seen in your previous videos that you also have a juliet.
I just want to known the fit differences of the two..
Thank you..

benny yu says:

Love oakleys

Samuel Samantha says:

What do you see through the lenses?? I’m new to the sunglasses game and I own a prix golf lens for mainly baseball and cycling. The prism golf looks great but there is glare and I’m looking for a new lens to help reduce glare. Any idea which one I should get??

ya boi fortnite gamer says:

nice video
i have that black color.
can you make a video of new arrival oakley trigerrman?

Adam Shaw says:

trying to decide between prism flak 2.0 and prism Jupiter’s. could I use Jupiter’s if I’m active or are they more for casual use?

Bill Hister says:

Thank you for this review !!!! They look hidius!! IMO!!!!!

Don2615 says:

When looking through that lens is it neutral or does everything look blue?

Rich Savage says:

My favorite pair of sport sunglasses

Shohel Rana says:

hi. is it scratch proof?

david smith says:

Good review.Trying to decide between the flak or radar pitch.

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

Does the white frame get dirty or discolor after time

Brandon Grazier says:

Just ordered a pair! Oakley SI, which is awesome. Love the military discount! Do you ever buy yours from there?

Carol Davis says:

Are these Prizms?

Jake S. says:

Tbh I think the 2.0 look cool but I like the old flak jackets best. Just my opinion though.

Tony Dautovic says:

I agree with DN, they’re flawed! I can see my eye reflection on the inside of the lens. Very irritating.Regrettable purchase.

John Smith says:

You look like Jose Bautista (Blue Jays) with those, lol.

chalino19 says:

doesn’t the oily hair get all over the lenses when you put them on top???

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