Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses review

My review on the Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses. These sunglasses are made for athletes and are very sporty. They are totally customizable from Oakley’s website.

Product code = 03-915 (Jet Black frame/black iridium lens)

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Snaps Often says:

Just got my second pair in three years, pricey, but for money they are best all round shades you can buy, the frames are bullet proof, the rubber on nose and sides is atomic, just doesn’t wear out, lenses, well….I kinda feel they scratch a bit easy, but you need to be conscience of these bad boys and place in safe areas when off.

Tom Aviram says:

what is: XLJ ?????              siz?

hawker800FO says:

they are good for pilots aswell ive used mine for 3 years. Big problem for pilots is the clamping pressure of the headset causing pain when wearing sunglasses these are fantastic and solve that issue! add it to their list of acheivments 😉

popmerde says:

Good for you.

nukem384 says:

asian fit nose piece just sticks out farther. the actual frame is still the same

nukem384 says:

yeah sure, thats what sunglasses are for

nukem384 says:


Jay Bushong says:

Just got a pair of these the other day; bought the XLJ lenses from a website named Revant… waiting for them in the mail now. These glasses ROCK.

Kyle Dest says:

my head is a little narrow at the bottom and xlj lenses look a little big and slightly wide on me so do u think the regular lenses are good or will they be too small?

ljbew says:

DO NOT USE IN OR AROUND WATER rivers oceanscreeks lakes.
I/You will loose them fast, trust me.,

nukem384 says:

@soulweaponry if they are just for everyday, youll be fine w/o the polarized lens. you can change lens whenever you like on these shades.

Bama Gixxer says:

@nukem384 I’ve heard somewhere that you can change the nose bottom piece sizes and so i was wondering… does the larger nose piece size come with the sunglasses or are they sold separate?

Sal Ban says:

@BigMac12319 AAhh you should probably get the 50/50 asian/irish………

Brett Nesbitt says:

I’m so glad I bought these because now I don’t own a pair of cheap sunglasses I like how the lenses are pitch back and because now my eyes are hidden when a hot girl walks on by cause shell never know if I’m looking at her 5/5 stars for me

….but my mom would shoot me if she knew how much I paid for these lol

Brian Velasquez says:

@BigMac12319 they have asian fit Oakley sunglasses

RedneckDrillMan says:

Actually, Standard issue oakleys are for more than just Army. Any defense personnel can buy them. They’re usually about 60% off of oakley’s standard prices.

d shook says:

nukem384 what tent len would you recmed for bass fishing i am lending to the fire

Pranay R. says:

@nukem384 okay good haha because i just bought a pair non polarized

Jin Yi says:

Is the Asian fit flak jacket just tighter around the head and nose?
If what you say is true about the regular flaks coming with normal nose piece & Asian fit I may as well just get the standard ones because they fit just fine apart from the nose sliding down

Leroish Gamez says:

I thought wiley x’s were issued in the military

Emmanuel Pagan says:

Great review!!!!!!

ESydow13 says:

I’m in the military where the fuck are my free oakleys??? We’re issued ess btw

willPR says:

i remember when we got our oakleys before deployment. great vid im going to get these like right now…

Bama Gixxer says:

Thank You for your reply.

pros siack says:

I just got the exact the same ones today but they too small for me I had to give them to my 6years old son

nukem384 says:

sorry i have no idea on those lens. probably would be best to stop by a store or find a picture online if possible.

71MARTIND28 says:

Thanks for the review!

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