Oakley / Foakley – Great Deal or Complete Rip Off? Product Review

I order a pair of fake Oakley sunglasses from China. Here is my product review.

Websites: http://www.bamasunglasses.us/oakley-jawbreaker-sunglasses-white-blue-lenses


Caveat emptor

Also see this review testing for UV. https://youtu.be/_R6dJVs7t_I

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tony enciso says:

I’m not trying to hate or anything but don’t you think if you were going to waste money in the first place, you would want to get quality over quantity? I mean just pay for original priced Oakleys, in the end you’ll receive something that you know is authentic, going to protect you from UV light, and ultimately last you a longer time than Foakleys.

The Aural Retentive says:

They LOOK badass. Too bad the quality doesn’t match. I had a friend when I worked at a factory and he wore his $250 Oakley’s to work each day and sat them on his forklift, buffing them with the fabric pouch every chance he got. He was like a new father with his first baby. About 2 weeks from the first day he brought them they fell off his forklift and he backed over them. I bet he WISHED they were Foakley’s.

Jessy Bellmann says:

I bought mine on Amazon for $27 and look better quality then the ones you have here, you can change lenses and everything.. and they do have UV protection and 1 of the lenses that comes with it, is polarized. not all Foakley are the same, and they do accept the real Jawbreaker Lenses too. and shipping was 2 days

The Dancing Snail says:

Pity about the quality of the plastic!

Johannes Schramm says:

I have bought some jawbreakers from Bamasunglasses.com 2 weeks ago and they still aren’t here so i just want to know how long the shipping time was for you

LeFrog James says:

For any one wondering about buying reall or fake I have bought both. I purchased the foakley radar ev and the reall ones. As far looks the glasses are almost exactly the same the only difference is the foakleys have a smaller lens. The quality is of course night and day as far as hinges and stuff. The lenses for the foakleys were really really blue wich u forget about over time but life looks better without them. As far as reall lenses. Its totally worth it. The best option is too look on eBay. I got $220 sunglasses for $130 no regrets. But if u still cant spend the money. The foakleys are definitely not a bad option you really cant tell if they are legit or not from maybe 8 feet.

Gorvo31 says:

Hey Ron, Those new ones look pretty space-age on you. Though as you say there doesn’t seem to be much else beneficial to them. Wonder if there’s anything like ‘sun goggles out there. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll have to alert my Oakly wearing pal out west in case he’s looking for cheaper versions… -Carm

Chad Sparkman says:

better then half jackets

Topher Lee says:

Funny thing I have been toying with the idea of getting a pair from dhgate but it’s worth a $17 gamble over a $200 first cool video Ron

William Brack says:

having three pairs myself, each “brand” of foakleys is slightly different. the lenses are slightly different cuts and qualities, and the plastic of the body is also slightly different.

so far the best ones i’ve had are the SPOSLINE ones, but there is a company called EOC on aliexpress who has sold LOTS of them, who has fast postage, but they’re not the BEST quality out there… but for $18AUD who’s going to argue haha

Random Bike Trips says:

I’ve been trying out different brands to check their quality and each manufacturer definitely differ in quality. I’ve always searched for the ones with lens interchangeability and they’ve been pretty well. The third pair I received was about $27.00 altogether but they came with 3 different lenses. They aren’t as good as the previous ones I got but I use them when I ride at night or when it’s dark outside. I use the yellow “night” lens or even the clear lens from my other pair. It beats wearing my prescription glasses or even my old chemistry goggles from school (lol). But yeah, the quality in these things definitely depend on who’s making them out there. The problem is, you just gotta pick the “better” ones out of the hundreds or thousands of other crappy makers.

fosho 5.0 says:

fake means fake,roll the dice.

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