Oakley Frogskin Review

Oakley Frogskin On face Review
►Buy Oakley Frogskins here:
(US) http://amzn.to/1X1QGLH
(UK) http://amzn.to/2sfbqDV

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SOLO says:

great work btw is that just a wall behind yoou or is it a special screen would love to know

Nikki Campbell says:

im making custom ones can you please tell me what lens you have is it ruby iridium/ polarized?

Khidarsh Prema says:

Hey when will you host a video to show glasses for younger like 14 year etc

Greene _ says:

Haha, this channel has started a spree of looking at sun glasses lol.

bleu says:

Oakley sucks ass

Mens Finest says:

Just a quick question – do you buy all the products to review?
Or do they give them away for you to review?

Donna Morgan says:

I like sunglasses

Ryan Norton says:

A buddy gave me a pair and they just seem really cheap. That and the side coverage sucks. But now I wanna go buy a pair of holbrooks or slivers or something

TheCaedmonCalbero says:

Came here from your other channel. I’m actually starting to get interested in some glasses now lolol

Finnchum says:

Entering giveaway and how much are those?

Abang Man says:

Hai Shade Review…you Oakley Frogskins original buy from where?..but Oakley Real you never buying on EBay or Amazon it?

Katy Faget says:

hey, im leaving a comment not only to enter in the giveaway but because I really enjoy your content. keep up the good work, and i really i have the chance to win the give away haha. ive been wanting to buy a new camera for so long, im always short on money though, so this would be a dream come true. congrats on starting your new channel, cant wait for you new content

Evans Belony says:

Nice video, I personally do not like Oakley sunglasses

G Rizzle says:

Frogskins would look really nice with a members only jacket.

Lucy Argueta says:

this was so educstional about sunglasses!!

Hannah Suri says:

sweet looking pair! look solid and durable!

TYTY says:

I need money for pc. so pls ive it to me. if u don’t I hax u and steal yo face and live my octodad life in human form

Jacqueline Hernandez says:

I am subscribed to your new channel now !

Jacqueline Hernandez says:

I like the style of the glasses my dad had some black ray bans but they broke in the sun to long last year 🙁 haha

johnsphan says:

Loving the ruby/orange style to it!

Nob Ben says:

You’re so smart and cool! I love your vids so much! I subbed, And i also told my friends about how cool u are! 😀 i am also commenting for the $300 gift card giveaway. Hope i win. Even if i don’t win i will always watch ur vids and support you! 😀 But still hope i win!

Geber Dali says:


SimplyHD says:

Love Oakleys

Jennifer S. says:

i’m getting interested in shades now W O A H

sweet potato pie sweet potato pie says:

best pair yet hands down

Kyle Da Silva says:

Great videos on both channels!

Caleb Machado says:

I love the quality of all the videos an I would love to win from the give away

Jeremy JOE THOMAS says:


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