Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses Review

A review of the Oakley Fuel Cell in four different colorways.

1) Introduction & History (0:00 – 1:18)
2) Fuel Cell Analysis (1:19 – 2:33)
3) A Closer Look at the Multicam Fuel Cell (2:34 – 3:07)
4) Fuel Cell vs Gascan & What Is Ghost Text (3:08 – 4:58)
5) A Closer Look at the Matco Fuel Cell (4:59 – 5:47)
6) Pros & Cons of Thick Sunglass Arms (5:48 – 7:13)
7) A Closer Look at the Stephen Murray Fuel Cell (7:14 – 8:49)
8) Final Thoughts on Fuel Cell (8:50 – 9:21)

And if you’re interested in looking at a particular colorway:
A) Custom Rust with Fire Iridium (1:19 – 2:33)
B) Multicam with Emerald Iridium (2:38 – 3:07)
C) Matco Edition Silver Ghost Text on Polished Black with Ice Iridium (3:12 – 7:07)
D) Stephen Murray Edition Polished Black with Chrome Iridium (7:14 – 9:19)

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Mihna Etse says:

We’re can I get it

Gregor Alexander Kaiser says:

Hi, when viewing both the Gascan and the Fuel Cell from the top at around 3:55 it seems the arms of the Fuel Cell are even less wide at their tips than the Gascan. I own a regular Gascan, but wearing it hurts after some time because the arms hold onto my head too tight. Now, I thought that the wider bridge of the Fuel Cell might help in decreasing pressure while still maintaining a firm grip, but as I have no easy chance to try them on I’d like to know if I just misread the perspective there. You mentioned the Fuel Cell was good for bigger heads (which I claim myself to have ;)), but this makes me wonder…

Kwangseong Park says:

볼살봐라 얼굴터지것다 ㅋㅋㅋ 홀브룩써라

Bob johnson says:

are the gascans really smaller than the fuel cells? they look as wide

Thomas Parks says:

Any chance you can review the Fuel Cell or Gascan in Alpine color from the SI site?

Mr k says:

just got a pair today

AjamalD says:

Great review man thank you

Gary Gavina says:

Fuel cell is my second favorite frame. My first is my first gen eyepatch.

Simon Quintana says:

thanks for sharing. fun vid! I picked up multicam batwolf with emerald polarized lenses! cooler than a fan! great idea

Bob johnson says:

i have a large head whats are good oakley models for that? I had a pair of batwolfs and they are tight on the sides

LawrenceFrost says:

hi do the oakley Gascan sunglasses fit a Small face or what size?

david parkes says:

hi are the fuel cell polarised

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