Oakley Gascan- Review

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Matthew kassing says:

Oakleys aren’t really that expensive. If you look at all the brands of expensive glasses, oakleys are entry level as far as cost goes.

TexMex 'Murican says:

What about for guys who where prescription glasses? What eye pro would you recommend?

taylornutt says:

Just used my Gascans at the range for the first time, I had zero issues with them pressing on my head and giving me a headache unlike my regular eye protection.

Sean McDermott says:

Good stuff.

Matthew Burton says:

Been running Oakley Turbines here for a years.

MadJester says:

Yea oakleys are expensive especially if you need a prescription like I do

Legato_c says:

Good vid. Been using $15 ones and it gives a small fishbiwl effect

Storm Trooper says:

I’ve read on some shooting forums, It can pose problem to shoot some red dots brands while wearing polarized glasses (the dot disappear due to the polarization) have you got any issue?

awesomesauce666 says:

chris is such a badie

FNG *FUSION* Oddjob says:

Do you ever use yellow lenses? I personally prefer the yellow lens, because it makes everything bright.

beefyoso says:

polarized reduces glare but doesn’t change the tint that’s photochromic.

Avery Zucchi says:

but… those aren’t Gascans… they’re fuel cells

David D. says:

Those aren’t Gascans…..they’re Fuel Cells.

MemoryDecipheR says:

Agreee, the Gascans are perfection and I like mine. I’ve had mine going on 8 years now, still work great even with daily wear and bi-monthly shooting.

Steve McElwain says:

You can get replacement cushions for Peltor or the Howard leight Impact sports that have the relief cuts for the eye pro… Best couple bucks I ever spent.

freedoomed says:

I prefer fuel cells

Manny B. says:

Costa Del Mar is way better then Oakley.

Mr. Morris says:

Outstanding vid
But those 11 hairs on your chin kept fuckin with me .. Oh yeah, you had 5 total ads on this

Titan520 says:

I think the pair you have are Oakley Fuel Cell. That is the bigger brother of the Gascan.

HnRe42 says:

I wore GasCans until I found Batwolfs…but be ready to get the fatter side of your wallet out. Both are O’s.

Double Star_3GN says:

Doesn’t pertain to your video Chris but what’s the build on your rifle in this video? Saw a BCM upper and I’m interested! Lol

William Suarez says:

Free training for those that protect our kids. Sir you are a hero. Thank you. Signed – Your new fan! Aloha from HPD

MIKE U.S.N. says:

Oakleys…the ” Im an e1 and got my first paycheck today”. Ask me how I know. Haha

biguy525 says:

I have never used Oakley protective glasses and probably won’t but I have used their sunglasses and did for about 5 years. I don’t use them anymore because probably 6 or 7 sets broke in that time frame. The frames broke on all of them, lenses were fine. I am not hard on them either and at over 100 bucks a pop I don’t buy them anymore.To me they are just high priced plastic junk.

Jack Taggart says:

Yeaaaaaa budddyyyy

ShoneDaddy says:

Oakley gascans KILL peripheral vision

Bubba10 says:

Have you or are you going to do a PTR 91 review? Have you seen this rifle in your training camps and how did they do.

Google It says:

This is really important. Aside from the points you’ve made regarding optical clarity, I see guys packing stuff for SHTF and not realizing their eyes are critical to protect. You simply must be able to see. Go prone and pop off a single shot in dry dirt. Yeah, congratulations now you’re blind for minutes while you cry the sand out of your eyes. Meanwhile you’re being shot at. Or try shooting in bright sunlight in the desert without sunglasses for any length of time. Simple stuff like PPE is critical to simply functioning in a normal capacity with a firearm. Great video.

Danny Hernandez says:

Hey dude I have a quick question. Has nothing to do with this video but i figured you would have some information you can share with me. I just purchased a nickel boron bcg and i would like to know how you go about lubing it. I know that they require minimum lubrication but i cant find any information on them online when it comes to it. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

ColoradoStuff says:

As a Oakley employee it cringes me that people know so little about glasses.

tehBar0n says:

I had the Gascans for about 3-4 years and then I found the Batwolf model which I prefer as it is slightly more coverage. The Gascans are legit glasses though, love em.

Bubba10 says:

Thank you for your quick reply. I have used them for years and they have never failed me yet. I got rid of all ar 10 I had because of the same reasons you preach. Thank you.

Ranger4321 says:

Never knew that eye pro had that kind of affect on shooting. Definitely gonna have to get a pair of Oakley’s again or some Wiley Xs.

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