Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Review

A review of one of my all-time favorite pair of sunglasses – the Oakley Holbrook.

1) Introduction of Frame (0:00 – 0:34)
2) Matte Black Colorway with Chrome Iridium Lenses (0:35 – 0:51)
3) Holbrook’s Design Inspirations (0:52 – 1:14)
4) A Closer Look at the Holbrook’s “Accents” & Features (1:15 – 2:12)
5) Size, Fit, & Look (2:13 – 2:52), (3:05 – 3:23)
6) Grey Smoke Colorway with Ice Iridium Lenses (2:53 – 3:04)
7) My First Custom Pair (3:24 – 3:46)
8) Discussing Shawn White Frames & Special Edition Markings (3:47 – 4:28)
9) What Style of Clothes Match With the Holbrook (4:29 – 5:32)
10) What Crystal Frames Look Like When You Wear Them (5:33 – 6:21)
11) Light Coverage (6:22 – 7:45)
12) Sulfur Colorway with Violet Iridium Lenses (7:46 – 8:03)
13) The Snappiness of the Dual Cam Hinges (8:04 – 8:26)
14) A Brief Discussion About Special Editions (8:27 – 8:43)
15) Who/What is Max Fearlight? (8:44 – 9:33)
16) Final Thoughts/Summary (9:34 – 10:37)

Colorways Featured (in order of appearance): Matte Black Frame with Chrome Iridium Lenses, Smoke Grey Frame with Ice Iridium Lenses, Shawn White Edition Polished Black Frame with Black Iridium Lenses, Crystal Red Frame with Ruby Iridium Lenses, Sulfur Frame with Violet Iridium Lenses, Max Fearlight Edition Polished Black Frame with 24K Polarized Lenses.

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Joe Wolf says:

Great work man and thanks. I’ve been really into Oakleys lately (coming from knockaround) and value reviews very highly. Glad I found ya. Side note- just got my first pair of custom Jupiter Squared. The hype around Oakley is real.

Joseph Rey Arcaya says:

Can you do a comparison with the Jupiter Squared?! Which one is bigger?

inz1 says:

Please guys, dont wear your Oakleys with a suit unless theyre plain black frames with black or bronze lenses. Especially if youre headed to a wedding.

leave the Shawn Whites and the Rossi Frogskins at home.

Paul says:

great review. .. just wanna know which is bigger in the lens/frame eye area… sliver or holbrook. Ty!

gus051 says:

Do you happen to own a pair of frog skins?

papayasplit says:

Hey steve. Love ur videos man. Im very new to oakley. Just wondering if u r a fan of the frogskins?? Do u prefer ice iridium or violet iridium?

randy marcoux says:

i have a pair, clear frame gold icon and rivet and 24k iridium lenses. and just ordered a second pair, black frame polarized lenses. theyre the only style that fits me good. i tried ray band and other oakleys and i love holbrooks

Tvrdi cudnovati sisavac says:

Hi Steve, Is there a chance you will make a review of Breadbox sunglasses? In my opinion they are the best looking lifestyle oakley sunglasses..

Alan Ramirez says:

Rayban wayfair or these ??

Joe Wolf says:

Question- What do you use to store/ showoff your sunglasses? I’ve been looking around and most stands / displays seem decently sketchy

emilsal says:

Another great video. Seems like you’re having fun making them. I do like the holbroks (I have the matte white Shaun White’s) and like the fit on my larger face. Grest collection of Holbroks also.

Heath Russell says:

I have an old set of special edition holbrooks that are awesome, amazing on the ocean, but scratched, do you know if I can still get 24k polarised lenses ? I can’t seem to find them anywhere

Ramon Rodriguez says:

Do you wear oakley asian fit holbrook frames . Have you noticed a difference?

Secret Asian Man says:

Hi Steve-O
Based upon our conversation, I ordered a pair of Asian Fit Holbrooks. Unfortunately, they slid down my nose and the bottom of the frames sat on my cheeks. I exchanged them for a pair of Asian Fit Flak 2. These fit perfectly, likely because the cut of the lens are much smaller. I’m really happy with the Flak 2’s. The rubber nose bombs and rubber arms help keep them from slipping on my face.

Secret Asian Man says:

If there was anything I would add to make the Asian Flak 2.0 more perfect, it would be XL nose bombs!

David Szeto says:

Have you tried the Sliver?  I’m deciding between the Holbrook and Sliver.  They’re similar other than the stem shape.

Akhil Chandra says:

I ve got shaun white edition today and i love the combo of polished black with golden accents,but the frame has scratches on already and u got any tips to lose them? plz help 🙂

aaronrocs says:

Your sunglasses game strong, but you should iron your shirt if you really wanna be fresh

stefanojr says:

LOL at the end of the video, he says peace, then a huge explosion appears, so funny hahahaha. Anyway, I have a Valentino Rossi frogskins and Oakley is the best of the world. My next one will be a Holbrook black ink with violet iridium polarized lenses. Simply awesome.

I_AmTaz says:

Wayfarers are my style not oakleys

Charles Balce says:

Nice pair of Holbrook Shades. I’m in Limbo between these and the Eyepatch 2. I believe the Eypatch 2’s are slightly bigger and more square. Ever tried em as well?

True Vang says:

were the first ones polarized?? the very first one you put on

Secret Asian Man says:

Hi Stevo
I notice your eyes align towards the center of the Holbrook lenses. Are those Asian fit frames? I just purchased Asian fit Two Face and my eyes align near the top of the lens. This has always been a problem with my Asian face–it bothers me. Do you share the same fit with your Two Face frames? I prefer my frames to sit higher on my nose. Sounds like the Holbrook Asian Fit may be the solution. Thanks for the great Holbrook review !

Pablo Novoa says:

man, i’m looking for a black iridium/grey this time but it is my idea or the ones you’re showing at 4:13 aren’t black iridum, cause it seems grey to me.. and from what i know shaun white’s are grey with matte black. Or are they custom? I liked them and i’d like to go for it.

isfunkee kiko says:

what frames are your Holbrook asian fit or standard?

David Markeilov says:

Hello Steve!
I just wanted to ask, what do you prefer more?
The Holbrook or the two face? Thanks in advance!

jaferrolino says:

Nice review and collection, do happen to have an asian fit holbrook pair? I’m very curious with how different is the fit

Andre Kang says:

Hi Steve – had a standard pair of Holbrooks but whenever I perspired it would begin to slip down my nose. Any idea if the asian fit would be better?

Unpwnable says:

Can you do a review on the “Polarized Holbrook™ LX”?
Please ;D

Patriot40 says:

I have a pretty big face, I love and wear the Fuel cells. does anyone know if these are the same size as the fuel cells?

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