Oakley Jawbreaker Review – Return Of The Big Lens Shades

Designed in cooperation with superstar sprinter Mark Cavendish and arguably the company’s most audacious eyewear design in over a decade, the Jawbreaker has a lot to prove.


Fat Biker Vaibhav says:

aliexpress is so good at copying…they are selling exact same at $2

Erick Rodriguez says:

Smith Arena Max. Oakley’s are overpriced and feature complicated aesthetics. Luxxotica also sources the most “cost effective” manufacturing sources for profit. Used to be that a lot of Oakley was American made with the same price bracket. My LAST pair of Oakley’s was made in China and still cost $210.

Ernest Paul says:

These things DEFINITELY fog up when youre on a complete stop. Although gotta say their Unobtanium stuff is like some black magic shit, it does a nice job of staying in place

Toronto Aviation says:

Only an idiot would buy these over Foakleys!

Peter Willard says:

Ben could review of a glass of orange juice and still manage to sound cool. Top lad!

TJ Max says:

wow those are atrocious, is a 10 year old boy designing their frames now?

Tom Dwyer says:

NO, these things get HOT, and do fog.

Jack says:

foakleys > Oakleys

Dany AL says:

Bolle glasses are more durable and to me better optics.. i had Oakleys for years, i am not saying they bad i am saying there is much more value cycling glasses out there..,
100% Glasses, Bolle Vortex or 5th Element and also Rudy

drumtoe says:

Asian fit is for the nose bridge. Asian folks don’t have as tall a nose bridge

Pooha Lemming says:

@bikeradar which helmet is your presenter wearing at 2:23? I really like the style, please tell me so i can be as cool as him!

Franklin Schwartz says:

I switched from Oakley to Smith Pivlock last year, and it was the best move I ever made. No obnoxious branding. High quality lenses. Photochromic options. Replacement lenses cost a fraction of Oakley. And best of all, no frame to get in the way when I’m in the drops.

Hajime Kuma says:

Ugly, heavy, and expensive… why buy?

Jhonathan Montoya says:

Can those have a RX Insert/clip? or do you guys know any other good Bike/run sunglasses that provides RX inserts/clips? (besides Chinese cheap sunglasses). Thanks

Logan Grady says:

Jawbreakers are terrific for mountain biking with the trail lense. Easy to swap regular lense with prizm lense for bike road trips. The vents are terrific when youre moving. To anyone saying that their glasses fog up when theyre not moving, unless you literally have fans atop your glasses there is no way to prevent that. Also, asian fit doesnt change the size of frame, asian fit simply means a bigger rubber nose piece. The jawbreakers look ridiculous if you get flashy colors, but nice matte black or navy ones actually look very sleak and professional. That being said theyre already a pretty outgoing frame, so you might as well have fun with the colors.

SLAV willis is mad for the k11 micra says:

jawbreaker glasses ok great name

thechosendude says:

POC DO Blades…. that is all.

SlowBoyAthlete says:

Here is a money-saver if you can’t afford these shades… Find 2 nice looking Oak Leaves, poke a large hole in each and then tape them to a pair of chopsticks dipped in molasses at each end. Bamm, instant hack!

Oliver Higbee says:

Are these reviews sponsored? The way you address the price is far too kind to Oakley, £175 is laughable.

Josh Pearson says:

Sorry is it just me but I’ve had mine for nearly two years and BR are doing a review now?

Rixter says:

I love Oakley glasses have had about a dozen over the years. The Jawbreaker is just too over the top for me. Totally a personal choice though

Hugh Curthoys says:

Sod the sunglasses what is the black helmet which has no logos on it?

Michael Kokes says:

Ben, I purchased these glasses and they have been nothing but fantastic. Mine have held up remarkably well, even after a few tough drops. The lenses alone, for me, justify the price. One thing you failed to mention which is the original reason I bought mine are the adjustability of the arms. For some reason ever other pair I tried had an issue where the arms hit my helmet, but the ability to shorten the arms on these solved that. Great review as always!

Konrad G says:

FOV in glasses without bottom bracket is WAAAAAYYYY better – so NO, THANK YOU.

derpy LP says:

Hey BikeRadar, I’am Maxi from germany. I’am new in the roadcycling scene but I rode my mountain bike for a long time. The reason why I’am here in the comments is: I don’t have road specific clothing and I want to ask you where can I got one of yours BikeRadar’s clothing set’s? Because I want to ride for your team and I could make advertise for your channel.
I’am looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes from germany.

HydeMyJekyll says:

What size tires are you riding on those cobbles?

CycoWarriorx says:

This was by far one of the softest humor filled reviews you’ve done. What do I mean by that? Man, the look on your face when discussing these shades was hilarious. Lol I agree with you on Oaks, they make great glasses, but their marketing (and naming) is one for the ages. I have another pair of Oaks I wear for riding and occasionally they’ll start to fog on the edges, but comfort wise they’re great. I was looking at these, but I like smooth lines. Appearance wise they seemed bulky on my face so I passed on them. Appreciate the review!

BrotherMichigan says:

Thumbs-up for the 2CV.

KwaiChangKane says:

You missed one of the most vitally important thing with regards to fit the retractable arms. These are very hand in keeping the arms out of the retention systems of helmets. Also for fitting different sized heads. C’mon Bikeradar your reviews are better than this.

Bob Maulucci says:

Moved to these from the Flakjackets I always wore for baseball. I like the coverage of the bigger lens for protecting my eyes, especially nice for mtb and CX when not on the road.

sabamacx says:

What bicycle is being ridden at 0:06? Mason Bokeh?

peglor says:

A obscene amount of money for what on the face of it is a couple of euros worth of injection moulded plastic. Their profit margin would be even more obscene if they weren’t paying loads of pros to wear them, but if they didn’t do that the people paying full price for them at such an obscene markup would look even more ridiculous…

Thomas Witheridge says:

Can you use these sunglasses mtb riding

SlowBoyAthlete says:

Hmm, after watching this Oakleys product, that reminds me to snatch up some ENVE 7.8 wheels for my clunky commuter bike on my 7min ride to work. I definitely need them!

taurus20077 says:

Sorry but Asia fit has to do with a thicker nosepiece, not a new set of frame (or smaller frame)!

supergoose says:

Look terrible, though. I’ll keep wearing my Straight Jackets from 1997.

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