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The mad scientists at Oakley present to you: the MADMAN! From the vein of Mars is born the Oakley Madman. The Oakley Madman is a statement piece for sure and is inspired by the previous X Metal. These Oakley collector’s sunglasses are constructed with a high-modulus, die-cast aluminum and a combination of sandblasted O Matter for super lightweight, all-day-wear sunglasses. The Madman has custom-engineered spring hinges, and although they look crazy, they’re super comfortable. They have plenty of anti-slip unobtanium on the nose pads and ear stems, so they hotter you get and the more you sweat, the better it sticks to your face. The Madman features Oakley’s Three-Point Fit System, and really, the unique story behind these guys is head-turning look and design. The Oakley Madman comes in some really fun colors and yes, they are in stock. Yes, you can get the Oakley Madman in prescription.

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ashraf bakhiya says:

where can i get the prescription for madman in Malaysia??what price…please need ur help…

Galactus Mancs says:

I have the upgraded version with prizm! It’s awsome

Josh Cade says:

I want these so bad but I can’t afford them. I hope they come down I price

Javier Flores says:

Nice shades…great review!

Mitch Silby says:

lol and people think the Mars are weird…

IlikeOakleystoo says:

Are goin to do a video on the “Tail” series?

RossBayCult says:

Mars 2.0

CandyHam says:

These comments are amusing. Clearly *none* of you are familiar with Oakley heritage. This design is perfectly in-line with their ‘mad science” and “purpose beyond reason” manifestos. They do not give a fuck. They made X-Metal, Medusa, Overthetop, Timebomb, Full Metal Jacket, etc, because no one else would or could. Their design philosophy sets them apart from the dozens of other brands in Luxottica’s all-encompassing portfolio. Do not seek out Oakley if you want to be a trendy fashionista. This is for people who do not care about being ostracized.

Paulo Menezes says:

Se inscreve no meu canal manda um Joinha brigado

c slew says:

Completely stupid glasses…..ugly as hell.

Mournforthelost96 says:

I’m sorry, I love Oakley, but these are the ugliest sunglasses i have ever seen. I would never pay more that $15 for these stupid looking things, let alone their actual price of $400-$500! WTF?!

Luis Garcia says:

Crazy sunglasses Look like shi….t.

aureo lagunes de vargas says:

congratulation was the one who saw the umboxing who had the courage to use the glasses !!! the rest just wanted to explain the product without experience will be that they are afraid of being ridiculous ???? !!!!!!! hehehehehe

Kelly Daugherty says:

The mad scientists at Oakley must either never get any action with girls, or do not want anyone else to…these are so ugly, I cannot believe they left the design table, and the Oakley team must be laughing up their sleeves.

Evolution says:

The Oakley madman are one of the strangest sunglass I’ve ever seen….

#ram satagopam says:

he looks just like a honey bee now

Steven Jackson says:

Really miss the Subzeros!!!!!

hubert12125 says:

Is it Conchita Wurst?

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