Oakley Oil Rig Review

This is a review on Oakley Oil RIg sunglasses. This pair is the black with ghost text on it. I love these sunglasses and i would recommend them to anyone but they do get scratched up fairly easy. Thumbs up and Subscribe


NitsuaYelrehs says:

Ok. Oakley uses the Z87 safety lens for ALL thier sunglasses. Therefore they WILL protect your eyes from sparks, grass clippings, plastic shavings, saw dust,
what have you. However they do scratch. So that is not surprising. they will never ever break though. so they are pretty damn tough.

Lynaugh1211 says:

Those oakley symbols gunmetal on the side?

Lawson Carter says:

just got a pair and they feel so cheap in the hand the “arms” of the glasses feel like they could snap off and there’s no rigidity in them I bought mine from Academy so not sure what’s up with them my Costa man of wars feel 10x more durable

aaron s says:

When u say a bit pricy…how much is it??

copenhagenredneck788 says:

They got scratches on me from you dropping them

dueltruck700 says:

i got the white polarised version of those, had em for a year or so now, not a scratch on em. Very good glasses

Adam Kingsbury says:

Oakley glasses do have “hard” lenses, they meet Z87 safety ratings and WILL protect your eyes from most everyday dangers. Scratches are inevitable yet preventable with good care. I have scratches on mine, but thats gonna happen from day to day.

vivalastatic says:

Nice glasses, man.
Try not to refrain from putting “like” after every word in the video tho

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